Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brad Paisley To Become An Author

Brad Paisley can now add author to his lengthy list of career achievements. He's penning his first book -- "The Diary of a Player" -- which is scheduled for release in the spring. The book honors the country, blues, and rock and roll guitar greats who influenced Paisley and tells Brad's story on how he became the person he is today. The liner notes Brad wrote for his instrumental album "Play" sum up the essence of "The Diary of a Player." He wrote for the 2008 CD, quote, "When I was eight I got a gift from my grandpa. No coincidence that around that time I also got an identity. See, no matter how I have changed, learned and evolved as a person, the guitar has been a major part of it, and really the only constant."

Paisley is teaming with David Wild on the project. Wild is a contributing editor to "Rolling Stone" as well as an Emmy nominated TV writer and producer. "The Diary of a Player" will be published in May by Howard Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster.

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