Friday, August 31, 2012

Luke Bryan Joins Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw for MDA Show of Strength Sunday.

Luke Bryan joins Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw on this Sunday's MDA Show of Strength special airing at 8 p.m. ET. The show is the new incarnation of the annual MDA Labor Day telethon, and Luke is proud to take part. He recently taped his portion of the show at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
"The MDA is just such a strong charity and such a strong organization and to be asked by them to be a part of the telethon was a no-brainer for us," Luke says. "We all grew up watching the telethon, and it’s just such an amazing charity and an amazing event." Carole King, Pitbull and are also on the show, and Luke hopes country fans will tune in and donate money to the fight against muscular dystrophy. He says, "I hope that my segment and country music’s segment and the whole Opry piece really helps the telethon do what it’s supposed to do –- raise a lot of money and help kids.” Check local listings to find out which channel is airing the MDA Show of Strength special in your area.

Note: You're Welcome Ladies! - Hammer :)

Sara Evans Thinks VP Candidate Paul Ryan is Cute . . . And She's "Leaning Toward" Voting for Romney

Will his boyish good looks help Republican Vice Presidential nominee PAUL RYAN get some votes in November? SARA EVANS thinks so. She says, quote, "He's cute! I think human beings are drawn to other human beings who are beautiful or handsome. "I do think that it probably helps to sway people towards liking somebody, if they're handsome or if they're fit or if they dress good. It probably shouldn't be that way but it's almost like human nature." She adds, quote, "But I definitely don't think anybody should be voting for someone just because they're cute." By the way . . . Sara hasn't completely made up her mind on who she'll be punching the ticket for in November. She says, quote, "My tendency has always been to lean more conservative, for sure. "I don't know that I can say I have [decided] for sure, but I'm leaning towards [MITT] ROMNEY."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Talent Comes In All Size Packages!

Now, to close out the week, here is a video of a very talanted little lady that I had the pleasure of meeting at Bethel Woods. She is the sweetest young lady you can ever want to meet and has the personality to back it up. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you "Molly". Molly what a pleasure it was to meet you.

Don't get off the Boogie Board!!

Some people are not safe even on water!!

Grown Man Freaks Out on Intimidator 305 Roller Coaster at Kings Dominion.

As most of you already know, I am an Adrenalin Junkie and I'll ride my fair share of roller coasters while visiting Disney. Here is one of my all time favorites of a roller coaster "Freak Out"! LOL!

School Bus: EPIC FAIL

Now that school is back in session, I just couldn't help posting this video. It makes me laugh every time I see it. What happens is funny, but,listen to the kid laughing at it. I think he's the one that really makes it funny. No one expected this outcome! Enjoy!

A Video of Two Babies Swaying Back-and-Forth While Their Dad Plays Guitar Is Racking Up Tons of Views on YouTube!

A video of two babies dancing while their dad plays guitar is BLOWING UP online right now. They're 11-month-old twin girls, and as soon as the guitar starts, they look at each other and start swaying back-and-forth in unison.Enjoy!

Carrie Underwood Says "American Idol" Would Be Wise to Finally Have A Country Star As Judge

Last we heard "American Idol" was trying to work out a deal for either KEITH URBAN or BRAD PAISLEY to be a judge for this season. CARRIE UNDERWOOD says that's a good move, simply because the audience seems to want it. She said, quote, "I do think it would be wise to have a country person be a judge. You look at the track record of 'American Idol', and there's me and SCOTTY [MCCREERY] and LAUREN [ALAINA] who were the final two. "There's obviously a want for it from the audience because that's who they are voting for. So, it makes sense they would have somebody they know and love in as a judge."

Luke Bryan Lines Up TV Appearances Next Week

Luke Bryan heads to New York City next week for a few TV appearances. Look for him to perform his new single "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, September 5 and ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday, September 6. That song is included on Luke's platinum-selling album tailgates & tanlines. Coming up Monday, September 17, Luke co-hosts the ABC special CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock with Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry as well.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just In Time For Football Season! The Three Worst Football Tattoos!

College football starts tomorrow night. Just in time for the season, we gathered the TOP 3 of the WORST football tattoos EVER for your amusement!

The Steelers, prison-style.  It's amazing this tattoo was done by a professional.  It's a horrible, asymmetrical, disastrous rendering of the Pittsburgh Steelers logo.  And "Steelers" looks like it was misspelled.

Centaur TIM TEBOW.  For some reason, a guy got a tattoo of Tim Tebow's head and torso on a horse's body.  Just to make it worse, Tebow is wearing a Denver Broncos helmet . . . and now he's on the New York Jets.

The Texans as Super Bowl champs. Some guy got the Houston Texans logo on his leg, along with the slogan "Super Bowl XLVI Champions." The only problem is, they weren't. The New York Giants won.  The Texans lost in the second round of the playoffs.

Brantley Gilbert Has "Friends" . . . Not "Fans"

BRANTLEY GILBERT really appreciates his fans. So much so that he refers to them as his "friends".  He says, quote, "We don't have fans, we have friends. "You know a friend is somebody who supports you.  These people are paying up to 25 bucks, 30 bucks, 40 bucks a ticket to come out and see us. That's support in my book. That means a lot to us."  (Country Vibe)

I see Brantley and I agree on this...all of you out there that listen, thank you for your friendship. You're not listeners to me, you guys are my friends! Thank you for listening!

Jason Aldean Is Not Worrying About the Follow-up to "My Kinda Party"

There's really only one downside to having a monster album like JASON ALDEAN'S "My Kinda Party" and that's making sure the follow-up isn't lame. Wait, there's another downside. It's nonstop questions about the follow-up. Jason has fielded his share, but he's not letting it get to him. He says, quote, "Honestly, I tried to just not even worry about it. To go in with the mindset of trying to top ['My Kinda Party'] or make an album that sells more than the last, you can't really do that. If you start to think that way, you're gonna set yourself up for failure."

Wynonna Is Returning to the Road And Her Husband Is Still Recovering

WYNONNA is returning to the road for the first time since her husband Cactus Moser lost his leg in a motorcycle accident earlier this month.  She's performing tomorrow night in Michigan. She also released her first statement since the accident. Here it is:

"Cactus continues to improve every day as he begins his road to rehabilitation. We are looking forward to the day when we will be back together on stage again and I believe we will be stronger than ever. "In lieu of flowers, gifts and cards, Cactus has asked family, friends and fans to donate to Homes for Our Troops."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Final Celebrity Revealed

Disney star Sabrina Bryan is the thirteenth and final celebrity to join season 15 of Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, set to kick off Sept. 24. "It's just a huge honor that the fans for the first time ever got the chance to vote for someone on the show and cast their favorite person," Bryan said. "It just means a lot to me that my fans, since my early elimination, have really supported me." The 27-year-old beat out Kyle Massey and Carson Kressley for the coveted spot to compete against other DWTS all-stars. Bryan will team up with professional dancer Louis Van Amstel to compete for the mirror ball trophy. It's not her first time dancing with the Dutch-American ballroom champion. Bryan thinks season eight winner Shawn Johnson will be her biggest competitor. "You know, anyone who gets put with [professional dancer] Derek Hough is one to look out for," Bryan said of Johnson's pairing. "I think they're definitely a team to beat." "Everybody is good this season so when you win -- if you're in the final in this one -- you're the true champion," Van Amstel added.

Darius Rucker Releases His "Defiant" New Single "True Believers"

Darius Rucker's new single, "True Believers," hits the airwaves this week as the first single from his third country album, due out next year.  Darius co-wrote the song with hit Nashville writer Josh Kear, who brought in the initial idea for "True Believers." "It’s such a defiant song for me -- the message that, ‘My life works for me, whether it’s what you agree with or not,’" Darius says,  "and it’s something I am really proud of as a singer and a writer." As for his next album, Darius plans to offer fans something a little different.  He says, "It’s really all about the songs, and I think ‘True Believers’ is a great sample of what’s to come from my third album."

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong to Lose Tour de France Titles After Giving Up Fight Against Doping Charges.

It appears Lance Armstrong’s spectacular cycling career was all a sham. In one of the most startling developments in U.S. sports history, Armstrong decided Thursday he will no longer contest charges by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that he used performance-enhancing drugs going back as far as the late 1990’s when he won the first of his seven  consecutive Tour de France titles. Now, Armstrong stand to lose all those crowns, according to USADA chief executive Travis Tygart, and will be banned from professional cycling for life even though the 40-year-old retired from the sport for the second time in early 2011. As recently as last month, Armstrong filed a lawsuit against the agency to keep it from taking action against him, claiming he was denied due process. Armstrong admitted no guilt in a statement released Thursday evening, saying, “There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, 'Enough is enough.' For me, that time is now.” He went on to say, “If I thought for one moment that by participating in USADA's process, I could confront these allegations in a fair setting and -- once and for all -- put these charges to rest, I would jump at the chance." Then in a bitter attack on the USADA chief executive, Armstrong charged, “Regardless of what Travis Tygart says, there is zero physical evidence to support his outlandish and heinous claims.” Tygart did not respond to Armstrong's diatribe but issued a statement that “It is a sad day for all of us who love sport and our athletic heroes. This is a heartbreaking example of how the win-at-all-costs culture of sport, if left unchecked, will overtake fair, safe and honest competition, but for clean athletes, it is a reassuring reminder that there is hope for future generations to compete on a level playing field without the use of performance-enhancing drugs.” Back in May 2010, American cyclist Floyd Landis, another Tour de France winner stripped of his title, acknowledged he used banned substances and claimed Armstrong did the same.

Kathie Lee Gifford Backs Up Claims That Taylor Swift DID Crash Kennedy Wedding!

Kathie Lee Gifford is backing up her stepdaughter Victoria Gifford Kennedy's claim that Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift crashed Victoria's daughter's wedding over the weekend in Boston. Kathie Lee spoke about the incident on NBC's Today Thursday, saying she saw Conor and Taylor departing the wedding after they were asked to leave twice. As Victoria told the Boston Herald earlier this week, Kathie Lee recounted that Conor was invited to the wedding but failed to RSVP. When he texted an hour before the ceremony asking if he could bring Taylor, Victoria asked them to please not come. Victoria was concerned Taylor's presence would steal the spotlight from her daughter Kyle on her wedding day.
Taylor's rep denied those claims to ABC News Radio Wednesday, saying Taylor was an invited guest to the wedding and the bride thanked her for being there.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taylor Swift's Camp Shoots Down Reports She Crashed Kennedy Wedding.

Taylor Swift's camp is shooting down reports that she crashed the wedding of Conor Kennedy's cousin Kyle Kennedy over the weekend in Boston. Kyle's mother, Victoria Gifford Kennedy, tells the Boston Herald that Conor and Taylor were asked not to come to the wedding Saturday, as Taylor's presence would take attention away from the bride. Taylor's rep denies those claims, however, and confirms to ABC News Radio that Taylor not only was invited to the wedding, the bride actually thanked Taylor for being there. For herpart, Victoria says Conor was invited to the ceremony but never RSVP'd. When the couple texted an hour before the ceremony was to start, Victoria says she responded clearly asking them not to come. When they showed up at the reception, Taylor's entrance reportedly caused a big stir.
Victoria says, "I personally went up to Ms. Swift, whose entrance distracted the entire event, politely introduced myself to her, and asked her as nicely as I could to leave. It was like talking to a ghost. She seemed to look right past me." Victoria goes on to say that Taylor and Conor left the reception during the meal and then returned afterwards to dance the rest of the night with the other attendees. As previously reported, Taylor and Conor visited his mother Mary Richardson Kennedy's grave in Hyannis, MA on Sunday. She committed suicide in May in the midst of a bitter divorce battle with Conor's father, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum Announcing CMA Awards Nominees Wednesday, September 5!

Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum will announce the nominees for the 46th Annual CMA Awards on Wednesday, September 5 on ABC's Good Morning America and later at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. Five categories will be announced on GMA in the 8:30 a.m. ET half-hour that morning with the remaining seven categories revealed at the Hard Rock. This marks the first time all of the nominees have been announced in New York City since 2005. Jason looks forward to the CMA nominations and awards show all year long. He says, "I feel honored to be able to help make the nominations announcement on Good Morning America, and hopefully I'll get to read some of my friends' names that morning.”
Lady Antebellum has received quite a few CMA trophies in the past few years. The group's Charles Kelley says, "It's still unbelievable to me when I see our name on a list of nominees. That night is always such a blast because it's your chance to catch up with everyone and celebrate country music and all the hard work put in throughout the year." The nominations will be streamed that morning at CMAAwards.comLee Brice will reveal the nominees for in the radio categories that morning in Nashville as well.
Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley return as hosts for the CMA Awards airing live on ABC on Thursday, November 1.

Luke Bryan Sees the Marketing Benefits of Being a Sex Symbol.

The ladies love LUKE BRYAN.  In fact, one of them has a Tumblr page dedicated to sexy Luke pics. It even includes comments like, "Look at that cute butt. Yummy." Luke was asked how he feels about that page and the whole "sex symbol" thing. Surprisingly, he sees it more as a marketing tool. Luke says, quote, "You want women to think of you in a sexy manner. It's all part of the business. It drives ticket sales. It's all a part of it. "Women are getting more and more comfortable where they can have a little fun too. I'm happy about that. My focus is trying to make great music and putting on great shows, and whatever happens beyond that is a bonus to me." Even Luke's wife Caroline is fine with it. He adds, quote, "[She] laughs about it. She enjoys it too. She understands that it's all a part of the game."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jason Aldean and His Road Crew Enjoy a Nice Game of Whiffle Ball!

A lot of today's country stars workout like mad men on the road. TIM MCGRAW and KENNY CHESNEY come to mind. But not everyone wants sculpted pecs and washboard abs. Take JASON ALDEAN, for example. When it comes to working out, he prefers the team sport thing. He says, quote, "I go play whiffle ball . . . on the lawn of the venue . . . every day. "Me and my band play, and then sometimes we'll play against LUKE [BRYAN] and his band. I played baseball my whole life, so I'm pretty good."
Jason and his crew used to get down with some serious hoops . . . but then people started rolling ankles and coming up lame before the show . . . so that had to stop. He says, quote, "We were playing basketball, but everybody started getting hurt. So we figured we'd try something where that was a little less likely." There's one more reason it sounds like fun to be on the road with Jason and his crew. They eat real food. He explains, quote, "We eat chicken and potato chips and drink beer."

Hey Jason! How about a quick game of Whiffle Ball at Bethel Woods this Sunday? Are you guys game?


10 Years In The Making...

It's been 10 years since Little Big Town released their self-titled debut album. Looking back on the past decade, band member Jimi Westbrook recalls a lot of major life experiences that have shaped the group into who they are today. Collectively the four members have experienced the death of a loved one, failed relationships, marriage and parenthood since their 2002 debut. "We've just been through a lot," Jimi said  "It's really cool to stand next to these people and think about all of that and how that's kind of formed this relationship. I think all that is kind of why we're here doing what we're doing at the moment, you know, all of that history." This moment is a very big one for Little Big Town. They're on track to score their first #1 country hit ever with "Pontoon" in the coming weeks. It's the lead single from their new album, Tornado, coming out September 11. The intense bond between the members of Little Big Town is still evident on Tornado. Band member Kimberly Schlapman explains, "I think you can hear the time we've spent together and the experiences we've had together and the comfort level we have with each other. I think it comes across. It's pretty cool." Little Big Town's Phillip Sweet adds that the band is in the best place they've ever been creatively and personally.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rosie O'Donnell Is Recovering At Home After Having a Heart Attack Last Week.

ROSIE O'DONNELL is recovering at home after suffering a HEART ATTACK last Tuesday. She wrote all about it on her blog yesterday. Rosie said it all started when an "enormous woman" asked her for help getting out of her car in a parking lot. A few hours later, Rosie says, quote, "my body hurt, I had an ache in my chest both my arms were sore, everything felt bruised." She added that her skin felt clammy and she threw up. Rosie researched her symptoms online, and while she didn't call 911, she did take some Bayer aspirin, because she'd seen a commercial that recommends people do so when they think they're having a heart attack. She says, quote, "Thank god. Saved by a TV commercial. Literally." Instead, she went to her cardiologist the next day and found that an artery was 99% blocked. The doctor told her she'd suffered an attack that's commonly known as THE WIDOWMAKER. So they opened it up with a stent. Rosie says, quote, "I am lucky to be here. Know the symptoms ladies, listen to the voice inside. The one we all so easily ignore. CALL 911." Her rep adds, quote, "She is now home and resting comfortably. She is very, very lucky." This has been a rough month for Rosie. She recently announced that her fiancée Michelle Rounds is suffering from desmoid tumors . . . a rare cancer-like condition. As a result, they decided to postpone their wedding until next summer.

Kimberly Perry's Dad Gave Her The Best Showbiz Advice Ever!

Parents usually tell their aspiring rock star children to have a second career ready, just in case the whole music thing doesn't pan out. But I have to give props to KIMBERLY PERRY'S dad for saying the exact opposite. When Kimberly was in 10th grade, she decided to give music a try. Her dad advised her to JUMP IN with everything. Kimberly explains, quote, "My dad told me, 'Do not have a fallback plan, or you're gonna fall back on it.'"

UPDATE: Wynonna's Husband Cactus Moser.

WYNONNA'S husband, Cactus Moser, survived a serious motorcycle accident on Saturday, but it came at a cost. Although he's expected to have a full recovery, doctors did have to amputate his left leg.
Cactus is also the drummer in Wynonna's band. The doctors had to do surgery on his hand too, but we don't know which hand . . . or how serious the injury is. We will keep you posted as more details become available.

Again, all of wish Cactus a speedy and full recovery.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wynonna Judd's Husband Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accident.

Get well wishes go out to Wynonna Judd's husband and drummer Michael Scott "Cactus" Moser, who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in South Dakota Saturday. As a result, Wynonna has postponed her concerts in Canada this week. Cactus and Wynonna went out for a ride on separate motorcycles in Deadwood, South Dakota, when he collided with an oncoming vehicle.  Cactus was taken to a local hospital with injuries that are serious but not life-threatening. Wynonna issued a statement saying, "The outpouring of prayer and support from friends, family and fans has been a blessing to both Cactus and I." She calls Cactus a "champion" and says, "I love him deeply, and I will not leave his side." Wynonna and Cactus were married this past June in Tennessee.

Eric Church Connects With His Fans . . . By Screaming at Them!

If you're planning to catch an ERIC CHURCH show, I have some advice: Pay attention! Eric HATES it when audience members aren't giving him as much as he thinks they should. He says, quote, "I'll focus on a couple people in the crowd that I think have a whole lot more left to give and I'll look directly at 'em and scream at 'em and yell at 'em. I love that . . . it's a little bit like boxing. I antagonize the crowd. I do."
Eric wants everyone involved . . . even if it means his fans end up screaming back at him. He says, quote, "I enjoy kind of prowling the stage out there and kind of going at the crowd and inviting them to come back at me." By the way, this isn't some new thing Eric is doing because he's a big star who can hide behind his security lugheads. He says, quote, "It's been that way since the clubs and bars when people didn't listen to us and I DID have to go out there and yell at 'em and scream at 'em."

Top Gun Director Tony Scott Dead in Apparent Suicide.

"Top Gun" director TONY SCOTT committed suicide yesterday, by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the Long Beach area of Los Angeles. He was 68. Witnesses say around 12:30 in the afternoon, he climbed a nine-foot fence and jumped, quote, "without hesitation." Police found a suicide note in his office, but there's no word what it said. It's not clear exactly where he jumped from, but the bridge is about 185 feet above the water. His body was retrieved by a diving team. Scott's other movies include "The Hunger", "Beverly Hills Cop 2", "Days of Thunder", "True Romance","Crimson Tide", "Enemy of the State", and the recent DENZEL WASHINGTON movie "Unstoppable".  There's also been talk of him directing TOM CRUISE in a "Top Gun" SEQUEL.

Scott is the younger brother of director RIDLEY SCOTT.  The two of them were co-producers of the TV shows "NUMB3RS" and "The Good Wife".  They also produced the four-hour miniseries "Coma", which will air on A&E next month. Director RON HOWARD wrote on Twitter, quote, "No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day." And MICHAEL RAPAPORT, who was part of the HUGE "True Romance" cast, said, quote, "There hasn't been one day since it came out that someone doesn't say to me, 'I love 'True Romance''. Tony Scott was a sweet, enthusiastic, and loving man."

Friday, August 17, 2012

5 of the Dumbest Things Ever Written On Facebook

There's a new survey out that says 56% of people say they'd rather look SEXY on Facebook than INTELLIGENT. Based on what I've seen on Facebook, I'm surprised that number isn't higher.
In that spirit, I tracked down some of the stupidest things ever written on Facebook. And these are real things that people posted. 

Here are 5 favorites:

(Click the pic to view it full size)


Let me start by saying that most of you know by now that I am a Giants fan. Always have been, always will be. Now, with that being said, some New York Jets fans are going to be Team Sanchez . . . and some are going to be Team Tebow. I'm guessing the kid TIM TEBOW is holding in this picture is Team Sanchez! LOL! I think that The Jets just might have a great shot "IT" this year. I think Tim Tebow was a great addition to the Jets roster. But, only time will tell.

Dierks Bentley Gives Fans an Early Taste of Country & Cold Cans EP

Dierks Bentley's Country & Cold Cans EP is due out Tuesday, August 21, but he's already sharing a fun, new song from the project over at Yahoo! Music. Titled "Grab a Beer," Dierks loves how straightforward the song is, calling it a "no-brainer."

"There's plenty of beer-drinking songs in country music, but I like how it has a little bit of soulfulness to it," Dierks says. "It ended up being kind of dirty and fun, and I think my fans will really enjoy it."
Dierks adds that there's no marketing plan behind Country & Cold Cans. He just wanted to record songs that reflect his live show.

Dierks kicks off his Country Cold Cans: Back to College tour Monday, August 20 at the University of Georgia in Athens.  Check out for the full itinerary.

Josh Turner Shares Powerful Fan Story About His Latest Hit "Time Is Love"

Josh Turner's latest hit, "Time Is Love," really hit home with one of his fans in Texas.  A few months back, Josh met a woman in a wheelchair at his concert in San Antonio who was the first fan to tell him how "Time Is Love" touched her life.  Her husband had taken ill and was admitted to the hospital's I.C.U. Josh explains, "She was only allowed to see him for 15 minutes a day.  So, every time she would go in, she would make sure she was there on time, and that she would stay until they kicked her out." Like Josh sings in the song, the woman would tell her husband "Gotta run" when it came time to go. "One day driving home she heard 'Time Is Love' come on the radio, and she just broke down crying," Josh says. "She said, 'This is our story, you know. This is our story because for us time is love. You know, I only have this 15 minutes a day.'"
Josh is always amazed to hear how his songs affect fans' lives in ways he'd never imagined. Says Josh, "You hear a fan come along with a completely different perspective that just makes you realize time and time again the power of music and how it can relate to people in their own peculiar way and their own specific situation."

"Time Is Love" is the lead single from Josh's new album, Punching Bag, now in stores.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are These the Top Country Songs of the Summer?

CMT Insider is asking people to vote for their favorite song of THIS summer. To make it manageable, they kept it to 10 selections. I can't argue with their picks. Here's the list . . . in no particular order:

-"Somethin' 'Bout A Truck", Kip Moore

--"Come Over", Kenny Chesney

--"Pontoon", Little Big Town

--"Truck Yeah", Tim McGraw

--"Drunk On You", Luke Bryan

--"Fastest Girl in Town", Miranda Lambert

--"Springsteen", Eric Church

--"5-1-5-0", Dierks Bentley

--"The Wind", Zac Brown Band

--"Take a Little Ride", Jason Aldean

Eric Church Films "Creepin'" Video, Gets Springsteen's Approval on "Springsteen.

Eric Church recently shot the video for his new single, "Creepin'," and he describes it as the most "out there" video he's ever done. Eric got to take on a part other than himself in the clip too. He said, "We got to actually wear some different clothes and do something kind of unique and cool for us, which we've never done. So, can't wait for people to see it." Eric says the "Creepin'" video should be out soon.

As for his most recent #1, "Springsteen," Eric has learned that Bruce Springsteen himself is a fan of the song.  He heard through Bruce's management staff that Bruce heard "Springsteen" and loved it.
When asked how that reaction made him feel, Eric says, "Aw hell, it made me feel incredible. I'm such a huge fan." While Eric's song inspired by Springsteen spent two weeks at #1 on the country chart earlier this year, Eric points out that Bruce recently released a new, hit album, Wrecking Ball, and is still packing stadiums at age 62. "I mean, to be that age and have all that going on, that has to be kind of cool," Eric says. "You know, it would be for me."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ron Palillo - Horshack from "Welcome Back Kotter"Has Died

Earlier this year, Bobby Hegyes, who played Juan Epstein on Welcome Back Kotter, passed away. Now, another member of the Sweathogs is gone. The Palm Beach Post reports that Ron Palillo, who played Arnold Horshack on the show, has died. He was 63. Friends tell the paper that Palillo passed away at his home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Tuesday morning. TMZ reports that Pallilo died of a heart attack.  According to the site, he was found by his partner of many years, Joseph Gramm, early Tuesday morning.  Gramm called an ambulance, and the actor was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Palillo's Horshack was one of the most memorable characters on Welcome Back Kotter, thanks to his catchphrase "Ooh, ooh!  Mr. Kotter!" and his distinctive, hyena-like laugh. He also created the artwork for two children's books, and appeared onstage in productions of Amadeus and Guys and Dolls.  His first play, The Lost Boy, was produced in 2005. In recent years, Palillo had been a teacher at the G-Star School of the Arts for Motion Pictures and Broadcasting.

Jerrod Niemann Serenades Patients at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville.

Jerrod Niemann recently serenaded patients at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville to kick off the 11th Annual Weekly Bedside Performance Program for Musicians on Call Nashville. He sang his latest single, "Shinin' on Me," as part of the program, which brings live music to the bedside of patients in healthcare facilities. Jerrod is a big supporter of Musicians on Call. He says, "You get to meet all of these wonderful children and their families. They are going through such a difficult time and I hope my music can make a difference by brightening their day." Jerrod got a lot out of participating in the program too. "It was such an incredible experience to perform," Jerrod explains. "All these children have definitely made a difference in my life." Trace Adkins, Lady Antebellum, Kellie Pickler and Darius Rucker are among the stars who've participated in the Musicians on Call program in the past. For more information, go to "Shinin' on Me" is the lead single from Jerrod's new album, Free the Music, due out October 2.

Taylor Swift's New Single is On Pace to Set a Download Sales Record!

TAYLOR SWIFT'S new single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" came out late Monday but it's already on pace to sell between 450,000 to 500,000 downloads by Sunday. If that happens, it'll be the biggest sales debut for a digital song by a woman. It'll also be a career-high sales week for Taylor.
I believe that there are many more "Milestones" in the future for Taylor Swift! Keep going Taylor, you deserve it!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Cosmo" Editor Helen Gurley Brown Has Died

Legendary "Cosmopolitan" editor HELEN GURLEY BROWN died yesterday at the age of 90.  Helen started at "Cosmo" in 1965, and was the editor for the next 32 years. After she left that position, she stayed on to oversee the international editions of the magazine. She also wrote the best-selling book "Sex and the Single Girl", which was made into a movie starring Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis and Henry Fonda in 1964.

Jason Aldean Loves Summer, Because He Gets to See His Daughters

Everyone has their reasons for loving summer. JASON ALDEAN loves the season because his daughters Keeley and Kendylare home from school and that means they're around at the same time. Jason says, quote, "I love having my two daughters home. Usually when I get home, I'm home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and when they're out of school, I get to spend a lot of time with them during the day."
Here's a picture of Jason, The Proud Papa, along his lovely wife and two daughters posing in front of his new Green Tractor! :)

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Trace Adkins Shines Light on Great American Heroes in GAC Series Premiering August 22!

Trace Adkins is shining a light on people's good works in his new series Great American Heroes, coming to GAC.  The show premieres Wednesday, August 22 at 8 p.m. ET, with each episode featuring three hometown heroes who are doing extraordinary things in their communities. Trace visits with the people being profiled and also hosts them at his concerts in their hometown. The heroes shown on the show come from all walks of life. During a stop in Salina, KS, Trace meets with a minister who teaches carpentry skills to homeless men. He also visits a 13-year-old girl in South Carolina who created a community garden to help feed people in need. Trace says, "These heroes will inspire you, make your heart swell and your eyes tear up. This show does more than tell some good stories, it affirms our faith in others.” Great American Heroes episodes will re-air on GAC on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Eric Church Loves His "Odd" New Single, "Creepin'".

Eric Church's latest single "Creepin'" may be his most left-of-center song on the radio yet. It's the first track on Eric's platinum-selling album Chief, and Eric says he loves how it kicks off the album in an unexpected way. "Not only the title is 'Creepin’,' but it kinda creeps in," explains Eric. "It starts in one dynamic, and it ends in a totally different dynamic." Eric also loves how loose and odd "Creepin'" is, and he's gotten a lot of fun reaction from people when they first hear the song. "One of the best quotes I had, somebody heard it recently for the first time, and they got through listening to it and their response was 'What the hell?'" Eric says. "And they went back and listened to it again...they love it. It was just one of those things you didn’t expect." Eric will reveal more about the story behind "Creepin'" on GAC's Noteworthy at the Opry, airing Saturday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET.

GO TEAM USA! Final Medal Totals..

There were 962 medals handed out in London this year and the United States won 104 of them. China was 17 medals behind us. Between our two countries, we account for 20% of the medals handed out this year.
When you consider gold medals alone, our performance is even more impressive. The U.S. won 15% of the gold, China earned 13%, the British won 10%, and the Russians took 8% of all the gold medals. 

Here's the final medal count:
#1.)  United States with 104 medals - 46 Gold, 29 Silver, and 29 Bronze.

#2.)  China with 87 medals - 38 Gold, 27 Silver, and 22 Bronze.

#3.)  Russia with 82 medals - 24 Gold, 25 Silver, and 33 Bronze.

#4.)  Great Britain with 65 medals - 29 Gold, 17 Silver, and 19 Bronze.

#5.)  Germany with 44 medals - 11 Gold, 19 Silver, and 14 Bronze

Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw Show Sets New Attendance Record for New York City/New Jersey Area!

Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw's Brothers of the Sun concert at MetLife Stadium over the weekend set a new attendance record for a country event in the New York City/New Jersey area. 56,285 tickets were sold for the concert, breaking the record Kenny's Goin' Coastal tour set last August. The Brothers of the Sun tour has now sold more than a million tickets.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Miranda Lambert Offers Multiple Ways for Fans to Interact with "Fastest Girl in Town" Video!

Miranda Lambert is giving fans multiple ways to interact with her hot new video, "Fastest Girl in Town," co-starring NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. First off,  hosts a special edition of the video that allows fans to switch between different camera angles during the clip's car chase scene. Viewers can also unlock bonus content that gives them a chance to win items from the video and additional behind-the-scenes footage. Miranda has also released a new app at iTunes and Google Play featuring music videos, photos and all the latest news. It also connects with the "Fastest Girl in Town" video on Vevo. What's more, Miranda's Facebook page offers fans the opportunity to create their own version of the movie poster featured in the "Fastest Girl in Town" video and share it on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #fastestgirlintown. Photos will be collected daily with that hashtag for display on Miranda's Facebook wall. Miranda actually co-wrote "Fastest Girl in Town" with her Pistol Annies band mate Angaleena Presley. Miranda says, "It’s definitely got her Kentucky raw-girl spin on it, and it’s got my bullets flyin’ around, and there’s crime to it." Miranda hopes "Fastest Girl in Town" gives girls like her a sense of pride about being a little rowdy. "It kind of makes bein’ the fastest girl in town not a skanky thing, but a glamorous thing, and that’s what I like about it," Miranda explains. "Fastest Girl in Town" is included on Miranda's latest album, Four the Record, in stores now.

We Now Have a Ten-Medal Lead Over China!

The United States has won 90 medals so far, including the nine we picked up yesterday. With three more days of competition left, we have a TEN-medal lead over China. Here are the latest standings:
#1.)  United States with 90 medals - 39 Gold, 25 Silver, and 26 Bronze.

#2.)  China with 80 medals - 37 Gold, 24 Silver, and 19 Bronze.

#3.)  Russia with 56 medals - 12 Gold, 21 Silver, and 23 Bronze.

#4.)  Great Britain with 52 medals - 25 Gold, 13 Silver, and 14 Bronze.

#5.)  Germany with 37 medals - 10 Gold, 16 Silver, and 11 Bronze.

There's Still No Statement from Randy Travis About His Arrest Tuesday Night.

It seems Randy Travis got a helping hand from a neighbor in the Sherman, Texas, area while in police custody earlier this week. According to TMZ, local lawyer Gary Corley rushed over to the jail once he heard about Travis' arrest to offer the singer his legal services. Travis left the jail wearing a paper suit, a Texas Longhorns hat and no shoes Wednesday. Corley says he offered that hat to Travis from his own head to shield the singer's bruised face from photographers. Corley also claims to have offered Travis a ride, but Travis rode away from the jail in a car driven by the man who posted his $21,500 bond. Travis is charged with DUI and a felony offense of retaliation and obstruction for threatening to shoot and kill his arrest officers Tuesday night. He was discovered lying naked on the road outside the town of Tioga, TX. His 1998 Pontiac Trans Am had veered off the road and hit barricades in a construction zone.

I honestly hope that Randy get the help that he needs. Hopefully, that will be the next person to step forward.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

We've Pulled Ahead of the Chinese with a Total of 81 Medals!

The United States won 11 medals yesterday, which puts us ahead on the overall medal count. We now lead the Chinese by four and the British have fallen behind the Russians by the same amount. Here are the latest standings:
#1.)  United States with 81 medals - 34 Gold, 22 Silver, and 25 Bronze.

#2.)  China with 77 medals - 36 Gold, 22 Silver, and 19 Bronze.

#3.)  Russia with 52 medals - 11 Gold, 19 Silver, and 22 Bronze.

#4.)  Great Britain with 48 medals - 22 Gold, 13 Silver, and 13 Bronze.

#5.)  Germany with 32 medals - 7 Gold, 15 Silver, and 10 Bronze.

Randy Travis Arrested for DUI, Felony Threats.

For the second time this year, Randy Travis has been arrested for DUI. Sgt. Ricky Wheeler of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office in Sherman, Texas confirms that state troopers responded to a call at 11:18 p.m. Tuesday night reporting a man lying on the road outside of the town of Tioga. They discovered Travis at the scene with a "strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and several signs of intoxication" and arrested him for DUI. On the way to the station, Travis allegedly threatened to shoot and kill the troopers, which resulted in an additional charge of retaliation and obstruction, which is a felony. Sgt. Wheeler also says Travis was brought to the station naked, though it's unclear whether Travis was discovered naked or somehow disrobed later. Travis was booked and held overnight, then released Wednesday after posting a total of $21,500 bond, $20,000 of which was for the felony charge. Travis, 53, was arrested early last February in Sanger, Texas after a police officer discovered him drunk in his car with an open bottle of wine.  He later blamed the incident on too much post-Super Bowl celebrating.