Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jason Aldean and His Road Crew Enjoy a Nice Game of Whiffle Ball!

A lot of today's country stars workout like mad men on the road. TIM MCGRAW and KENNY CHESNEY come to mind. But not everyone wants sculpted pecs and washboard abs. Take JASON ALDEAN, for example. When it comes to working out, he prefers the team sport thing. He says, quote, "I go play whiffle ball . . . on the lawn of the venue . . . every day. "Me and my band play, and then sometimes we'll play against LUKE [BRYAN] and his band. I played baseball my whole life, so I'm pretty good."
Jason and his crew used to get down with some serious hoops . . . but then people started rolling ankles and coming up lame before the show . . . so that had to stop. He says, quote, "We were playing basketball, but everybody started getting hurt. So we figured we'd try something where that was a little less likely." There's one more reason it sounds like fun to be on the road with Jason and his crew. They eat real food. He explains, quote, "We eat chicken and potato chips and drink beer."

Hey Jason! How about a quick game of Whiffle Ball at Bethel Woods this Sunday? Are you guys game?


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