Monday, January 31, 2011

Weird Video! Gorilla Walks Upright Like Man!

This is too weird. Check out this gorilla walking upright just like a man! Looks like an ape character from The Planet Of The Apes! This is a supposed legit video. You decide...

Gorilla Walks Like A Man - Watch more Funny Videos

Music Video Of The Day - Jerrod Niemann "Lover, Lover"

Dierks Bentley Will Be "Live Streaming" the Entire Recording Session of His Next Album

We've all seen artists "captured" in the studio recording a song or album. It's usually a video stuffed into a DVD or TV show that's supposed to make you feel like you're getting a behind-the-scenes look. But you're not. It's stuff they've edited and sweetened up to make it watchable. Well, DIERKS BENTLEY is going to let you see the REAL DEAL. He installed video cameras in his recording studio that will run nonstop as he records his next album. Starting Sunday, you can watch those sessions streaming live on his website. Dierks explains, quote, "I thought it would be cool to let the fans be part of the whole experience, so we're going to let them watch as it all goes down." It probably will be cool . . . and tiresome. Dierks says he has "hundreds" of songs he's bringing in for the sessions. I doubt he'll record them all but he wouldn't mention it if he wasn't going to at least bust them out to see how they sound. If all goes as planned, Dierks expects to release the first single from those sessions sometime in the spring. And then the album will drop soon after.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Take a Quiz That Uses Your Favorite Colors To Figure Out Your Perfect Job!

If you're wondering what the PERFECT JOB is for you . . . and you don't want to meet with career counselors or make a bunch of lists about your hopes and dreams . . . why not put it in the hands of your favorite COLOR? Dewey Sadka is the author of "The Dewey Color System", and he created a quiz that uses your favorite colors to figure out your perfect career. He says that by only focusing on colors, the quiz gets rid of the divide between how you perceive yourself and what the truth really is. All you do is pick which colors you like. We don't want to spoil it too much or bias your choices, but Sadka uses decades-worth of color research to figure out what your preferences mean.

Some examples: People who lean toward yellows are information-driven . . . people who lean toward blue are idea-driven . . . and people who lean toward red are results-driven.

(AOL Jobs)

Take The Quiz Here!

Colorado State Gets Grant From D.O.D...

Colorado State University just got an $8 million grant from the Department of Defense . . . to develop bomb-detecting plants for malls and airports that change color in the presence of explosives.

Full Story Here!

Not So Stupid Video Of The Day - The COOLEST Burn Out I've Ever Seen!

As Dr. Emmet Brown from Back To The Future Said,
"When this car hits 88 mile per hour, you're going to see some serious S&@*!" Well, check this out!

EMBED-Classic Car Peel Out Leaves Flames On Road - Watch more free videos

Jamey Johnson Loves to Listen to Music on Vinyl!

JAMEY JOHNSON is one of those guys who just reeks old school. It's no accident. Not only does he love classic country . . . but he prefers to listen to it in its original form. He says, quote, "My favorite way to listen to music is on vinyl LPs.
"The jacket of 'The Guitar Song' album tells the story of how a vinyl record is made, in pictures. You see the pellets that they turn into liquid form. You see the liquid vinyl that then goes over and gets stamped on the machine press.

"Even the CD version of the album tells the vinyl story."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Guy Tried to Rob a Convenience Store . . . But Sprinted Out the Door When the Clerk Pulled a Samuari Sword!

A man in South Carolina who's connected to at least 14 convenience store robberies in the past year has finally been arrested. And the video of his last robbery attempt is outstanding. The guy told the clerk he had a gun, then the clerk pulled out a SAMURAI SWORD. The robber immediately ran the other direction. But the clerk chased him out the door with the sword, and police eventually found the guy hiding in some bushes.

Your Music Video Of The Day - Jamey Johnson "In Color"

A Man Wins a MINI Cooper In a German Radio Contest . . . By Having the Word "MINI" Tattooed On His Manhood!

German radio shows have contests that are WAY more messed up than ours...
39-year-old Andreas Muller of Sachsen Anhalt, Germany won a $32,000 MINI Cooper from a radio station contest by . . . having the word "MINI" tattooed on his junk. That's right. His manhood is now permanently branded as "mini." The station was giving away the car to the person who did the, quote, "craziest, most idiotic stunt."
(--Apparently, there's no such thing as a MASSIVE LAWSUIT in Germany. Our lawyers would've shut this down before I even finished saying the word "craziest.")
Andreas says that the tattoo was insanely painful but, quote, "Once I'm sitting in the car, it won't matter anymore. Then the pain will be gone and it'll be alright." There's no word on whether or not Andreas has a wife or girlfriend.


Music Video Of The Day - Brooks & Dunn "Boot Scootin' Boogie"

This is a FASH BACK to 1992! Love this song! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Steelers Playoff Craziness!!

Yesterday Mark Sanchez picked on Mark Brunell. How about Mendenhall giving his QB Roethlisberger the business?!?!?! LOL!!

Wal-Mart To Release Special Edition Of Taylor Swift Comic Book!

As a follow-up to the successful Fame: Taylor Swift comic book they released late last summer, Wal-Mart will release a special edition version of the same book this spring. In addition to the same storyline, the new version will feature bonus material and never-before-seen artwork.

The issue will cost $7.99 and will debut in May, 2011.

Your Music Video Of The Day - Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats"

Monday, January 24, 2011

NY Jets QB can be very "Picky"

On Sunday, Jets QB Mark Snachez decided to pick his nose and wipe it on another Jet! His back up...Mark Brunell!! Check out the video!

Martina McBride Sings At NFL Playoff Game

Martina McBride sang the National Anthem prior to yesterday's NFL playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and NY Jets. Martina, pictured above rehearsing prior to the game, continues to be good luck for the Steelers as they won the game and are headed to the Super Bowl!

Congratulations to The Steelers, Beth Christy and ALL Steelers fans!

Stupid Video Of The Day - "Look Before You Leap...or Jump"

Girl Crashes BMX On Lake Shore - Watch more Funny Videos

Music Video Of The Day - Chris Young "Voices"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stupid Video Of The Day - "Stop Sign Wins!"

Its On! Jets / Steelers... Hammer / Christy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011. A battle of epic proportions will take place in Pittsburgh, Pa. The NY Jets invade, battle and conquer the Pittsburgh Steelers in a match for the ages! Wow! Now that’s good! I should be a novelist! LOL! All week I’ve been taunting Beth with Jets gear and assorted Green & White items. Beth got some payback! Check this out! LOL!

AND she got the computer at my desk!!!

Your Music Video Of The Day - Miranda Lambert "Only Prettier"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stupid Video Of The Day - "News Reporter Loses It"

Sometimes producers know when they have someone on the ropes. See for yourself!

Your Music Video Of The Day - Kenny Chesney "Somewhere With You"

John Rich Part of Celebrity Apprentice Cast

John Rich is officially on the cast of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice. The season premiere will be March 6. Other contenders include actor Gary Busey, retired baseball player Jose Canseco, former teen idol David Cassidy, model Hope Dworaczyk, Survivor winner Richard Hatch, singer La Toya Jackson, TV personality Star Jones, Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes, rapper Lil Jon, actress Marlee Matlin, Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath, rock star Meat Loaf, soap actress Lisa Rinna, supermodel Niki Taylor and crooner Dionne Warwick. The celebrities will compete against each other to raise money for their favorite charity. Rich began shooting episodes of the show late last year, but his involvement was officially announced Friday (Jan. 14).

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tim McGraw "Emotional Traffic" Tour Announced!

Ticket prices and on-sale info to be announced.

With his latest hit single, “Felt Good On My Lips,” topping Billboard’s HotCountry Songs chart for the third straight week, McGraw sets a new milestone. He’s logged a cumulative 69 weeks at No. 1 over the course of 32 chart-topping singles – becoming the artist with the most weeks at No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart since the beginning of the Nielsen BDS-era (January 20, 1990). The song is one of two bonus tracks included on his new double-CD collection, Number One Hits (Curb Records), which includes 22 other chart-topping singles.

McGraw co-stars with Gwyneth Paltrow, Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester in Screen Gems’ Country Strong. CMT Insider noted: “Tim McGraw proves once again just what a fine actor he is” while Variety called Country Strong a “rare ensemble piece in which all four principals are not only compellingly drawn but handled with an astute sense of dramatic balance.”

Soldiers Return Home To Their Families.

This video speaks louder than any words. Welcome Home to all of our brave men and women. Thank you and God Bless. Thank you Brandi for passing this along!

Stupid Video Of The Day - "Girl Gets Owned"


Snooki Makeover?

Would you let Snooki, from MTV's The Jersey Shore, give your 11 year old daughter a make she could look, quote, "bangin' "??? Check this out. You decide.

You’re watching You’ve Got Snooki. See the Web's top videos on AOL Video

Taylor Swift - "Back To December" Debut Video!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your Music Video Of The Day - Tim McGraw "Felt Good On My Lips"

Tim's new tour dates were just announced!

Movie Characters Who Were Supposed to Die . . . But Didn't!

Throughout history, there have been numerous instances where a movie character was set up for DEATH . . . but ultimately saved by a script rewrite. Here are some of the most famous cases . . .

"Lethal Weapon 2": At the end of the movie, MEL GIBSON'S character, Martin Riggs, gets shot several times, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" plays, and . . . HE LIVES.
Apparently, the producers decided they had a real franchise on their hands. (--There ended up being two more "Lethal Weapon" flicks.)

"Rocky 5": Rocky was supposed to die in his street fight with Tommy Gunn. SYLVESTER STALLONE thought better of it . . . and 16 years later, in 2006, he gave the character a much more respectable send-off with "Rocky Balboa".

"First Blood": In the original novel, John Rambo dies at the end. Stallone even filmed that ending. But ultimately, he decided to spare the character . . . and his bank account was most appreciative. Here's the alternate ending . . .

"Scream": DAVID ARQUETTE'S goofy cop character, Dewey, wasn't supposed to make it out of the first movie alive. Director WES CRAVEN actually shot the ending both ways: With him living and dying. For some reason, the decision was made to keep him around . . . and he'll be back for the upcoming "Scream 4".

"Return of the Jedi": Han Solo was NOT supposed to survive the "Star Wars" saga. The plan for the third film was to have Han's friends rescue him from Jabba the Hut . . . but for Han to later die in the raid on the Death Star. It was GEORGE LUCAS who nixed the idea. HARRISON FORD wanted Han to die, as did writer Lawrence Kasdan. Gary Kurtz . . . who produced the first two movies . . . recently said, quote, "George decided he didn't want any of the principals killed. By that time there were really big toy sales and that was a reason."

"Full Metal Jacket": MATTHEW MODINE'S character, Private Joker, ended up being the main character. But he was supposed to die when Private Pyle . . . played by VINCENT D'ONOFRIO . . . went postal. Modine himself convinced director STANLEY KUBRICK to keep him alive.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Than One-Third of Women In the U.S. Think About Their Weight At Least Three Times a Day.

America's a country that's really obsessed with weight loss. It's a great, engaging topic to bring up when you're in the middle of hour three at a buffet and you're running out of stuff to talk about. According to a new survey, more than one out of every three American women say that they think about their weight at least three times a day . . . and 81% don't feel like they're at their ideal weight. Almost HALF believe that they will finally . . . against all odds . . . hit their ideal weight in 2011. The main reasons people give for having trouble losing weight are stress, time demands, family obligations, and financial problems.

(PR Newswire)

Your Music Video Of The Day - Alan Jackson "Chattahoochee"

By request from our very own Brandi Hunter! Great pick Brandi!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your Music Video Of The Day - Brad Paisley "American Saturday Night"

Check Out America's Most Infested Cities . . . Rats, Bees, Roaches, Sharks, and More.

Time to judge some other cities for being FILTHY CESSPOOLS. "U.S. News & World Report" put together this list of American cities infested with bugs, rodents, and other incredibly undesirable things.

RATS. In a study back in 2007, New York City had the most rats in the country. Possibly as many as 100 MILLION. Houston came in second, and Boston was third.

KILLER BEES. Angry, Africanized killer bees first showed up in the U.S. in Hidalgo, Texas in 1990. And since then, it's remained the killer bee capital of the country. ALLERGENS. Dayton, Ohio ranked the highest for allergens in a study that looked at pollen scores and the number of allergy medicines used per capita. Wichita, Kansas is second, and Louisville, Kentucky is third.

SHARKS. New Smyrna Beach, Florida has had the most shark attacks of any city in the U.S., with 219 confirmed attacks since 1882.

BEDBUGS. Based on a study by Terminix, New York City has the most bedbugs in the country. Philadelphia has the second most. But on a state-by-state level, Ohio has the most bedbugs in the U.S.

BUGS. There hasn't been a study done on a city level, but by state, Florida has the highest level of cockroaches, ants, and termites. Louisiana is second, and Texas is third.

(U.S. News & World Report)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Charles Daniels' Barn Burned Down . . . But No One Was Injured.

One of the barns on CHARLIE DANIELS' farm near Nashville burned to the ground on Friday night. Fortunately, no one was injured . . . and there was no damage to Charlie's house. In fact, Charlie wasn't even home. He and his wife were on a ski trip in Colorado when it happened. Charlie says he lost some farm equipment and an antique kitchen stove that was a gift from the late ROY ACUFF.

Your Music Video Of The Day - Blake Shelton "It's All About Tonight"

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Man Accidentally Butt Dials His Wife, She Hears His Muffled Voice, Thinks He's Being Held Hostage, and a SWAT Team Gets Sent In!

This is why you should always lock your phone before you put it in your pocket. Because usually when you accidentally 'butt dial' someone, nothing happens. But there's always the possibility something INSANE like this might go down. On Monday, around 5:00 P.M., some guy whose name hasn't been released accidentally butt dialed his wife on the way home from his job as an administrative employee at Carleton Washburne Middle School in Winnetka, Illinois. His wife could hear him talking, and it sounded muffled because the phone was in his pocket. But for some reason, she jumped to the conclusion that there was a HOSTAGE STANDOFF at the school, and her husband was in danger. So she called 911. The police responded by sending out a 30-PERSON SWAT TEAM to the middle school. Just as the SWAT team was arriving, the man got home. His wife was still on the line with 911, reporting the muffled sounds she could hear. She quickly figured out what had happened, and the SWAT team left the building. The police interviewed both the man and woman and decided there wasn't any criminal intent, so no charges were filed.

(CBS 2 - Chicago)

The Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts Rescued Two Children From a Burning Van!

Ever wondered what lieutenant governors do? Well Tim Murray is the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, and we know what HE does. HE SAVES LIVES. On Tuesday night, Murray was driving through Worchester, Massachusetts when he passed a minivan that had burst into flames. He immediately pulled over and ran to the van. An elderly woman had been driving it, and told him that her two grandchildren were trapped inside. Murray got the door open, then pulled the kids out of the car. Firefighters got to the scene shortly after that, and were able to put the fire out before it spread from the front of the car. According to Murray, as he was pulling the kids out of the car, their grandmother came close to ATTACKING him. Quote, "She told me, 'I didn't know if you were trying to take the kids or the car. I was about to punch you." This is actually the SECOND time that Murray has helped people in a car emergency. In April of 2009 he helped a woman who'd had a medical emergency and crashed her car on the Interstate. He waited with her until EMTs arrived.

(Worchester Telegram & Gazette)

Music Video Of The Day - Jason Aldean "My Kinda Party"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The NOW Visits The Morning Wolf Den!

THE NOW Wrestling Promo from Steve Credo on Vimeo.

Appearing at Wrestlefest 15 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center on January 15, The NOW stopped by The Morning Wolf Den to hang out for a couple of minutes! Thanks for coming in guys! Good Luck!

Check out The NOW's promo video!


A State Trooper In New Hampshire Escorted a Pregnant Couple Speeding To the Hospital . . . Then Gave Them a Ticket!

This is one of those times where a cop REALLY should've let someone slide with a warning. Back in September, Angela Coughlin of Londonderry, New Hampshire went into labor. Her husband John put her in the car and drove her to the hospital. He was speeding down an Interstate when a state trooper tried to pull him over. John called 911 to explain the situation . . . and after that, the state trooper switched gears and gave the Coughlins a police escort to the hospital. Their son Kyle was born healthy . . . SIX MINUTES after they got to the hospital. In other words . . . they NEEDED to go as fast as they were going, or he would've been born in the car. After the birth, the state trooper congratulated the Coughlins . . . and then presented John with a speeding ticket for doing 102 in a 55. John says, quote, "I didn't realize how fast I was going until he gave me the ticket. I don't want to plead guilty because they said I could lose my license." John is contesting the ticket. The trial starts Monday.

(Union Leader)

Music Video Of The Day - Blake Shelton "It's All About Tonight"

Six Things That Cost Way More Than They're Worth

If your New Year's resolution is to start saving money, here's a list that might help. It's six things that cost WAY more than they should . . .

#1.) Coffee at a Coffee Shop. A $3 Venti at Starbucks costs about 25 cents to make at home.
#2.) Wine at a Restaurant. On average, they charge three times what it costs at the store. And it's basically the same with beer and liquor.
#3.) Hotel Minibars. The food and drinks cost four times what you'd pay in a store.
--And ordering a movie at a hotel costs twice as much as renting one at a video store. (--Or more, depending on how much SKIN you're trying to see.)
#4.) Movie Theater Popcorn. An average bag costs 12 times more than it costs to make.
#5.) Bottled Water. It's marked up by about 4,000 percent. That's why you should spend ten to twenty dollars and buy a reusable bottle with a built-in filter. The new ones filter regular tap water WHILE you drink it.
#6.) Text Messages. Sending a single text only costs your phone company about ONE-THIRD of a cent. But some providers charge up to 20 cents per text if you go over your limit. That's a 6,000 percent mark-up.
--So if you ALWAYS go over your limit, you should think about paying a little more per month and getting an unlimited plan.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kellie Pickler Got Married on New Year's Day

Turns out SHANIA TWAIN wasn't the only sexy country singer who got married at a tropical location on New Year's Day. KELLIE PICKLER and songwriter Kyle Jacobs very quietly eloped on January 1st. (--They got engaged back in June.) Kellie's rep told "People" that they exchanged vows in a "small, intimate ceremony on a private island in the Caribbean." Kellie is still glowing from the whole thing. Yesterday she Tweeted, "Private Island. Caribbean. Cigar in one hand, Rum in the other. Someone just called me "Mrs. Jacobs." . . . sounds nice :)"

Four Healthy Ways to Detox After the Holidays

If you're a little heavier than you were before the holidays, don't panic. You don't have to starve yourself or go on an extreme cleanse to get back to normal. Here are four HEALTHY ways to detox after the holidays . . .

#1.) Avoid Sugar and Salt. If you're still feeling bloated, go easy on sugar and salt for at least three days, and avoid refined carbs like pasta, white rice, and white bread.

#2.) Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Than Normal. Doctors typically suggest eating at least five servings of each every single day. And if you've been eating junk for the last month, you need to step it up. Increase your intake of the healthy stuff to between seven and 12 servings. It'll help you get all the vitamins and minerals that aren't in chocolate, eggnog, and mashed potatoes.

#3.) Start Off Slowly at the Gym. Take it easy for the first week. If you're gung-ho on day one, you'll overdo it and end up being too sore to go back the next day. A lot of people make this mistake and then NEVER go back.

#4.) Drink Plenty of Water. It's the fastest way to start feeling healthier because water flushes out the toxins in your body. So here's the easy way to make sure you drink enough: Divide your body weight by two, then drink that many ounces of water a day. So if you're 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water a day, which is just over half a gallon.


Did Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Break Up?

Congratulations, JAKE GYLLENHAAL: You are officially a future TAYLOR SWIFT lyric! "People" magazine says that Jake and Taylor broke up last month.

There's no official word why, but "Us Weekly" claims it was Jake who walked. A so-called "source" says, quote, "Jake reached out to her and started all of this, but now he's not acting as interested. "He said he wasn't feeling it anymore and was uncomfortable with all the attention they got. He also said he could feel the age difference." (--Jake is 30 . . . Taylor is 21.) "Taylor is really upset. We told her not to move so fast with this but she didn't listen." Another source added, quote, "Jake cares about her, but [the publicity] was a lot for him. He wants to keep his private life private, and that's hard to do dating Taylor." Jake and Taylor spent the last few months of 2010 hitting just about every coffee shop on the East and West Coasts together.

Your Country Music Video Of The Day

Ten Women With Something to Say in 2010

Week after week, the women of country music were making headlines on To wrap up an action-packed year, here are 10 women who had something to say in 2010.

The Band Perry's Kimberly Perry

Big sister Kimberly Perry presides over this sibling ensemble which broke through this year with a sensitive, somewhat sad single, "If I Die Young." With her distinctive voice, she allows the story to unfold gradually, lending a thoughtful air to an otherwise depressing topic. Country fans listened intently -- then bought the music. So far, the digital single has been certified platinum for shipments and downloads totaling 1 million copies and the album is approaching gold status. In addition, the weeper topped the Billboard country airplay chart, and Perry secured a Grammy nomination for writing the song.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill entered the year with a new management team in place, and although she released a new fragrance instead of an album, she did offer memorable tracks to the Loretta Lynn tribute album and the Country Strong soundtrack. Along with co-hosting the Nashville Rising concert for flood relief with husband Tim McGraw, the Mississippi girl commemorated Hurricane Katrina's fifth anniversary with a charity concert in New Orleans. And don't forget her performances at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in March and the White House in June. Who else in country music can judge Project Runway as well as reliably pick NFL winners for the local newspaper?

Lady Antebellum

With a name like Lady Antebellum, you have to be included on a list like this. In particular, Hillary Scott shines on "American Honey," the coming-of-age tale that followed the inescapable "Need You Now." Over the course of 12 months, Lady A released a triple-platinum album, earned multiple ACM and CMA awards, toured extensively with Tim McGraw, sang at the World Series, serenaded Oprah Winfrey, sold out London, launched their first headlining tour, scored six Grammy nominations this month, etc., etc. And after all that, they still like each other!

Miranda Lambert

You say you want a Revolution? With platinum sales of her third album, Miranda Lambert established a firm foundation with country fans. Then she built a fortress with "White Liar" and "The House That Built Me" and a successful tour sponsored by CMT. She won multiple ACM and CMA Awards this year, then performed on the Grammy nominations concert in December -- and heard her own name called five times when the nominees were announced. Her new DVD, Live by Candlelight, shows her softer side, and romantic country fans got swept up in her engagement to Blake Shelton.

Martina McBride

This year marked a transition for Martina McBride, as she switched management and signed to a new record label, Republic Nashville. Earlier in the year, she toured with Trace Adkins as well as Lilith Fair -- probably without much audience overlap. She also recorded with Alan Jackson for the Loretta Lynn tribute album and with Kid Rock for his new album, Born Free. In addition, the Grand Ole Opry member helped reopen the Opry House after the Nashville flood, plus she sang at a flood relief concert at the Ryman Auditorium. Expect more activity in 2011. At a press conference in November, McBride told reporters, "I'm fired up and feel like I have a focus and energy for making music that I haven't had in a long time. So, here's to the future."

Reba McEntire

Although she's a cornerstone of contemporary country music, Reba caught everybody off-guard with a savvy, spot-on cover of Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy," from her well-received new album, All the Women I Am. And she's definitely popular, with more than a million Facebook friends. Over the summer, she sang on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol and accepted the National Artistic Achievement Awards from Congress -- only the fourth one ever presented. Along with landing her 59th Top 10 hit, "Turn On the Radio," she partnered with longtime buddy George Strait for a dream tour which will continue through early 2011.

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles

This Sugarland star spent most of the year explaining the motivation behind their new album, The Incredible Machine. Although their initial "steampunk" modifier mostly confused fans, the project still debuted at No. 1 across all genres. "It feels like a jumping point, a new place, a new bar has been set for us with this record," she told "I think people are excited about it. They're curious about it. I think it's inspired a lot of conversation about 'what is country music today?' That makes me feel very proud to be a part of that kind of cultural moment."

Taylor Swift

Already a triple-platinum success, Swift's Speak Now album earned positive reviews for its insightful songwriting, while curious listeners looked intently for clues about who inspired the songs. "Mine" made a splash as the first single, yet most of the tracks sound radio-ready. After an armful of Grammys, multiple countless magazine covers, countless TV appearances and several lucrative endorsement deals, she wound up the year with a 21st birthday celebration -- and probably a cup of coffee with one of her friends.

Carrie Underwood

The shortest phrase she said all year -- "I do" -- made the most headlines as she wed pro hockey player Mike Fisher in July. In the midst of a multi-media touring extravaganza, she had to rearrange her mantle after winning her second fan-voted ACM entertainer of the year award. Her Hollywood profile is also rising with a guest role on CBS' How I Met Your Mother and a musical contribution to the new movie, Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Even if she could change anything about this year, it's highly unlikely she'd want to undo it.

Chely Wright

Written over the course of three years, her autobiography Like Me drew on her rough-and-tumble upbringing, suicidal thoughts and coming out as a lesbian. The candid passages about her doomed relationship with Brad Paisley caused quite a stir among country fans, too. The book coincided with an insightful new collection of original songs, Lifted Off the Ground. At an in-store signing in Nashville earlier this year, the "Single White Female" singer accepted dozens of letters from people who wanted to share their own story. Along with appearing at several gay pride festivals this year, she now considers herself a role model to gay youth. As she told, "If I can be someone that they can say, 'Hey, she's like me,' that was my mission."


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Annual List of Words That Need To Be Banished!

Lake Superior State University in Michigan just put out its 34th annual list of banished words. According to them, it's made up of words that are so overused, misused, and irritating that they need to be kicked out of the English language.
The number one word this year? VIRAL. Not referring to actual viruses, but referring to anything on the Internet that gets even remotely popular.
There are plenty of other words spawned from the Internet on the list. "Epic fail", which is a popular Internet phrase for someone messing up something in a huge way, also made the list. So did the words "epic" and "fail" by themselves.
Using "Facebook" and "Google" as verbs also made the list.
Some of the other banished words for the year are "wow factor" . . . "a-ha moment" . . . "BFF" . . . "man up" . . . "the American people" . . . "I'm just sayin'" . . . and "live life to the fullest."
Two SARAH PALIN phrases also made the list: "Refudiate," her made-up mix of "refute" and "repudiate," and the phrase "mama grizzlies" to describe right-wing females.
Back when the list started in 1976, it included words and phrases like "at this point in time" . . . "meaningful" . . . "scenario" . . . and "macho."

You can check out all of the lists from 1976 to 2011 here!


Tim McGraw Starts the New Year With a No. 1 Single

The Billboard charts moved with glacial slowness as 2010 took its leave.

Tim McGraw's "Felt Good on My Lips" leap-frogged Jason Aldean's "My Kinda Party" to top the songs chart. But Taylor Swift's Speak Now kept its tenacious hold as the No. 1 country album. It also remained No. 1 on the Billboard 200 all-genre ranking.

Speak Now sold well over half a million copies in the last two weeks alone.

Two new songs have moved into play: Miranda Lambert's "Heart Like Mine," arriving at No. 58, and Lady Antebellum's "On This Winter's Night," twinkling at No. 59.

The Best of Larry the Cable Guy, which bows at No. 72, is the lone new album. Randy Houser's They Call Me Cadillac returns at No. 75.

The No. 3 through No. 5 songs, in that order, are Carrie Underwood's "Mama's Song," Kenny Chesney's "Somewhere With You" and Reba McEntire's "Turn On the Radio" (last week's No. 1).

Following Speak Now within the Top 5 albums cluster are Jason Aldean's My Kinda Party, Sugarland's The Incredible Machine, Rascal Flatts' Nothing Like This and Lady Antebellum's Need You Now.

No applause, please. There are hangovers everywhere.

Your Country Music Video Of The Day. The Bullets In The Gun - Toby Keith

Monday, January 3, 2011

Shania Twain Gets Married on New Year's Day in Puerto Rico!

Shania Twain and Swiss businessman Frederic Thiebaud were married on New Year's Day in Rincon, Puerto Rico, a community on the western coast of the Caribbean island. Twain's manager, Jason Owen, announced the marriage to People magazine on Saturday (Jan. 1). The ceremony took place at sunset "in front of 40 of their closest family and friends," he said. Twain, 45, confirmed her engagement to Thibaud, 40, on Dec. 20. She was married for 14 years to record producer Robert "Mutt" Lange. Thiebaud's ex-wife, Marie-Anne Thiebaud, managed Twain and Lange's chateau in Switzerland. Twain's marriage ended after Lange allegedly had an affair with Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Twain and Frederic Thiebaud, an executive with Nestle, the Swiss-based food and beverage company, became romantically involved in 2009 after the breakup of their marriages.

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