Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trace Adkins Gets Kidney Stone Treatment, Bares All in Hospital Gown!

Country stars are known for sharing their lives with fans, but Trace Adkins took that relationship to a whole new level via Twitter. Trace had some kidney stones broken up at the hospital Tuesday in Nashville,and he actually posted a picture of himself from behind wearing a hospital gown that left nothing to the imagination. The procedure went well. Trace tweeted, "In recovery. They said that I required an unusually large stent and that it is freakishly long. Thank you Lord!"

Trace Adkins Shows Off His Tennessee Cabin to Cowboys & Indians.

Since Trace Adkins' family home near Nashville burned last June, he and his family have been staying at their farm about an hour outside Music City in Eagleville, TN. Trace is featured on the cover of Cowboys & Indians' April issue, on stands now. He gave the magazine a tour of the cabin on the property. Trace laid out the initial plan for the 3,200 square feet home designing it to be as open and spacious as possible.
The basement of the cabin is the kids' area complete with 12 bunk beds so Trace's children can bring their friends to the house. He says,"That’s where all the bunk beds are, and they have their open space and the big-screen TV where they can do their [Nintendo] Wii thing and all that stuff." Trace adds, "It’s like a camp, almost. Camp Adkins." Trace and his family plan to start working on a new home in Nashville this spring.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Band Perry Toast Latest #1 Hit and Look Forward to Sophomore Project!

The Band Perry toasted their latest #1 hit, "All Your Life," Monday morning with a breakfast party in Nashville. "All Your Life" is the fourth single from their self-titled debut project and has been certified gold for 500,000 downloads. "Any number one is really, really special," Kimberly Perry explained, "but this will be the final single from this album. So, we're really excited to just kind of wind down the whole process with such a win in a song." The Band Perry has been writing for their new album with several people, including pop hitmaker Skylar Grey, and will start recording this spring. The group was writing with one of their heroes on Monday afternoon -- Sheryl Crow. Kimberly says, "It's been a long time coming. She's a hero of ours. I just love, lyrically, she's so creative and completely unique to herself. She's a strong lady."

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rascal Flatts Picks Up Humanitarian Honor.

Country music’s biggest radio convention kicked off Wednesday by honoring Rascal Flatts for their charitable work. Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney picked up the 2012 Artist Humanitarian Award at Nashville’s Country Radio Seminar. Admitting “It’s a little uncomfortable to be recognized for something we feel we should be doing,” Jay went on to say it seems only natural to pay the blessings forward. In the past, the country trio has often done work and raised money for the American Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, and Nashville’s Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Rascal Flatts’ new CD “Changed” comes out April 3.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tim McGraw's Wish List...

I'm sure there are plenty of people who wish they could share the stage with TIM MCGRAW. But who does Tim want to work with? He told CMT Insider that he'd love to perform with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. Quote: "[Bruce is] one of my heroes and really the ultimate performer. If I could ever do a song, a show or a tour with him, I would do it in a heartbeat." Since Tim is also a working actor, he has a wish list of co-stars he'd love to act with,including DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, CLINT EASTWOOD and SEAN PENN.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Deny Relationship, Sing Together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Taylor Swift and Zac Efron appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday to promote their new animated movie, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, in theaters March 2. During the interview, Taylor cleared up rumors she and Zac are in a relationship. "We are not a couple," Taylor told Ellen. "He is awesome. We are not a couple though." Taylor says it was really improbable that she and Zac would fall in love on the set since The Lorax was animated. She joked about it saying, "Like, 'Oh my God, as we were recording our voiceovers on separate coasts, we really connected.” Taylor and Zac are good friends though, and she even taught him how to play the Foster the People hit "Pumped Up Kicks" on guitar. The co-stars performed the song for Ellen, but then changed the words up to talk about some of the weird pranks Ellen has played on them over the years.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taylor Swift: “Mean” Is About Mean Critic.

Taylor Swift says many people think her Grammy Award-winning tune “Mean” is about her being bullied in high school, but it’s actually about a music critic. During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Taylor acknowledged the song has become tied to bullying since its release, but told Jay, “I actually wrote the song about a critic who kept giving me really bad reviews.” Taylor says she finally overcame the negative reviews by singing about it, adding, it won two Grammys and “Now I feel better.”

Arsenio Hall Plans to Be The Ghetto Version of John Rich!

ARSENIO HALL'S strategy to be the champion of this season's "Celebrity Apprentice" is to copy last year's winner, JOHN RICH. Specifically, John's habit of wearing hats, like, all the time. Arsenio said, quote, "Usually on television they say, 'Hey, don't wear hats because it's bad for lighting.' [But] I'm looking and saying, 'John Rich is rocking these lids.' "When I finally got the call, I'm like, 'Guess what? It's time to e John Rich. I'm going to be the John Rich of the ghetto.' So I rocked hats every episode."

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dierks Bentley Threw Away Almost An Entire Album of Songs That Weren't Working!

DIERKS BENTLEY threw away almost an entire album's worth of songs before settling on the 12 tracks in his album "Home". About a year ago, Dierks decided on 15 songs for the album, but when he tested them on the road, they weren't working. So he scrapped 14 of them, only keeping "Am I The Only One". He told his record company, quote, "I was like, 'Sorry. Can we write that off as preproduction? I'll pay for it.'" Dierks eventually settled on 11 more songs to finish up "Home".

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Female Stalker Was Arrested at Kenny Chesney's Place, But Kenny Wasn't Home

A stalker who claims to be in a relationship with KENNY CHESNEY was arrested at his house outside Nashville on Wednesday morning. Kenny was out of state at the time and his publicist says there's no relationship between the two. Around 2:00 A.M., a woman named Melissa Carol Mansfield jumped the fence and tripped the burglar alarm. The sheriff arrived and found her smoking and drinking wine in a bathroom by the pool. She was charged with criminal trespassing and public intoxication, and taken to the County jail. She's scheduled to appear in court next Thursday. The woman's brother said that the whole thing is "heartbreaking". She has a history of alcohol abuse and the family actually got her into rehab just two weeks ago. He also said this wasn't Melissa's first time stalking Kenny. Apparently, she once followed him to the Virgin Islands. No word on what came of that. The brother also said that instead of bailing her out, the family would prefer that she get psychiatric help. I'm thinking that's something Kenny would like to see happen too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dierks Bentley's Home Debuts at #1; Dierks Makes Big Donation to Military Family.

All I can say is...
Dierks Bentley is a CLASS ACT. Thank You Dierks. Watch this video from Ellen and have your tissues handy!

Toby Keith Does Not Want To Do Movies Anymore.

TOBY KEITH has only done two movies, "Beer For My Horses" and "Broken Bridges" but he may never do another. Because it pulled him away from his music. Toby says quote, "When I did the movies, it affected my writing. I think I had quality songs and we had hits and stuff but it affected my day-to-day, my routine and the volume of songs that I bring to the table when I record an album." Toby also didn't like how movies are here today and gone tomorrow. He said, quote, "I got little or no bang, you know songs get heard on the radio forever but movies are like here and then they’re gone. "They're not re-currents. You heard the song today and then you hear it tomorrow and then ten years from now you'll still hear it every once in a while, but you'll hear it more than you'll see that movie replay. There's just not enough bang for my buck to waste that much time into a project." As always with Toby, if you keep him talking long enough, he'll eventually bring his ego into the mix. In this case he wants you to know that he's okay with quitting movies, because he mastered the art form.
He said, quote, "I proved to myself I could do it, proved to myself I could write a screenplay, proved to myself that I could act and be in a movie with the BURT REYNOLDS and KELLY PRESTONS and people like that of the world. "And it was like, 'Alright, I done that. Now what did I get out of that?' Other than the experience, we're good."

What else can I say but "Enough said." LOL!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Miranda Lambert, And Several Other Stars, Are Calling Out the Grammys for Giving Chris Brown Too Much Stage Time.

Oh Man! It's On!
Even though MIRANDA LAMBERT was at the Grammys on Sunday, it took her almost a full day to put the show on blast for letting CHRIS BROWN perform two different times. She's not the only one upset either. More on that later. It started on Monday when Miranda Tweeted this, quote, "Chris Brown twice? I don't get it. He beat on a girl." And then this, quote, "Not cool that we act like that didn't happen. He needs to listen to 'Gunpowder & Lead' and be put back in his place. Not at the Grammys." (Miranda is, of course, referring to her song "Gunpowder & Lead".) As I said, Miranda isn't the only one upset about Brown being all over the Grammys. Twitter has been alive with other showbiz types voicing similar thoughts. ERIC STONESTREET, who plays Cameron Tucker on "Modern Family", Tweeted, quote, "Are Chris Brown's mom and dad CBS and Grammy Brown?" Former WRECKERS minx MICHELLE BRANCH wrote, quote, "Trying not to go off on a rant but . . . Chris Brown . . . (bites tongue) have we forgiven him?" And SHERRI SHEPHERD Tweeted, quote, "Looks like all is forgiven with Chris Brown. That's all I'll say." The messages made their way to Chris Brown and he let his temper get the best of him. He posted an angry rant that was quickly taken down by his people. But not before got a screen shot and posted it. Here's their post with Chris's Tweet, quote, "Hate all you want becuz I got a Grammy now! That's the ultimate [BLEEP] off!" And then Chris tried to make nice by putting out another post, which was also taken down. Here's what he wrote in that one, quote, "I'm back so watch my BaCK as I walk away from all this negativity #teambreezygrammy."

Where do you stand on this? Is it too soon to forgive Chris Brown for assaulting RIHANNA back in 2009?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jason Aldean on Valentines day...

Jason Aldean plans on taking his wife Jessica out at some point for Valentine's Day, but February 14 is also their oldest daughter Keeley's birthday. Jason admits she gets most of the attention on Valentine's Day at their house, and he's usually scrambling to get Jessica something for the romantic holiday at the last minute. "I'm like, the biggest procrastinator on the planet," Jason admits. "Possibly the morning of the 14th is when I'll go do my Valentine's shopping."

Luke Bryan on Valentines Day...

Last Valentine's Day, Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline left their two boys at home with the nanny and got a hotel room for the night in downtown Nashville. They shared a nice dinner that night too. "You know, a lot of marriages are strained by the kids and the wife being with the kids all day," Luke says. "So, the fact that every now and then me and my wife can go spend a little time on our own is really, really nice."

Dierks Bentley on Valentines Day...

Female country fans dream of having a country hunk like Dierks Bentley as their Valentine. Dierks's actual Valentine's Day isn't as romantic for his wife Cassidy as you might think though. He said, "A lot of Valentine's Days, like this one, I'll be working. I've got a gig somewhere, so that's kind of a drag for her, but I need to be more romantic. I need to work on my skills a little bit." Dierks has a potentially controversial outlook on Valentine's Day as a married guy though. "I think one of the good things about Valentine's Day once you get married is that the pressure's off a little bit. You don't have to be as concerned," Dierks says, adding with a laugh, "I'm sure the girls out there listening are like, 'Hell no! You need to do more than ever!'" Dierks' overall goal is to simply spend more time with his wife.

Way to go, Dierks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Wolf Country Megaticket is here!!

The Wolf Country Megaticket is on the way!! One ticket, 3 Shows!

June 13th- Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker & Thompson Square.
August 10th- Brad Paisley & The Band Perry
August 26th- Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan

Just by being a Wolf Listener, you have a chance to get your Wolf Counrty Megaticket before anyone else with a special pre-sale this Thursday (Feb 16th) beginning at 10am and only lasting until midnight! Head to and enter the access code "WOLF" for the pre-sale!

Grammy Quick Hits!

Last night's Grammys alternated between paying tribute to WHITNEY HOUSTON and celebrating ADELE, who had a HUGE year in 2011, before undergoing vocal cord surgery last November. Adele took home six awards. However, Country Music had it's time in the spotlight as well. From an outstanding tribute to Country Music Legend Glen Campbell. Paying musical tribute were The Band Perry, Blake Shelton and the man himself, Glen Campbell. Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson performing their monster hit Don't You Wanna Stay even though Jasons mic had some difficulty toward the end of the song. I would be remiss if I didn't mention NY Giants Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz on hand to present and give the audience a little bit of Salsa! Way to go! Here were last night's Country winners! Congratualtions to all!

Best Country Song: "Mean", Taylor Swift
Best Country Album: "Own the Night", Lady Antebellum
Best Country Solo Performance: "Mean", Taylor Swift
Best Country Performance By a Duo or Group: "Barton Hollow", The Civil Wars

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: The Grand Prize!!

Congratulations to Allan Dolan of Kingston! You won the Grand Prize! A $200.00 Gift Certificate to The Ship Lantern Inn, the finest Hudson Valley Cuisine since 1925! Thank you to everyone who played Jack Doesn't Know Jack this week! Also, a big Thank You to 1-800-Flowers for the $50.00 gift cards and to Million Dollar Quartet for the tickets to the show!

Have A Happy Valentines Day!


Mavrix Motorsports "Country Day"!

It's Mavrix Motorsports FIRST EVER "Country Day" tomorrow (Feb 11th)from 9-4! Red tag sales, sing with the band Longshot, chili cookoff and so much more! visit for all the details! Thanks to my buddy Ray Malley for stopping by the show!

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: A Swisher That's Not A N.Y.Yankee!

My date heard this odd “Swishing Sound” as we walked to the car to go out. She turned and looked at what I was wearing. What did she start laughing about?

A: My cowboy boots
B: All of my Mr T gold chains
C: Or my hip (and very cool I might add) Parachute Pants.

Of course the answer is C. Congratulations Cheri Marquardt from Cairo! You won The Wolf Prize Pack! 2 tickets to Million Dollar Quartet and a $50 Gift Card from 1-800-FLOWERS. Now you’re in the running for the Grand Prize…a $200.00 Gift Certificate to Ship Lantern Inn!

The 54th Grammy Awards are Sunday!!

Taylor Swift is set to perform on the Grammys, and The Band Perry and Blake Shelton are also set to sing with Lifetime Achievement honoree Glen Campbell. Carrie Underwood is also slated to perform with Tony Bennett and Reba, Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley are on the list of presenters. Here's a look at the Country Grammy Nominees:

Best Country Song
"Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not," Thompson Square
"God Gave Me You," Blake Shelton
"Just Fishin'," Trace Adkins
"Mean," Taylor Swift
"Threaten Me with Heaven," Vince Gill
"You and Tequila," Kenny Chesney featuring Grace Potter

Best Country Solo Performance
"Dirt Road Anthem," Jason Aldean
"I'm Gonna Love You Through It," Martina McBride
"Honey Bee," Blake Shelton
"Mean," Taylor Swift
"Mama's Song," Carrie Underwood

Best Country Duo/Group Performance
"Don't You Wanna Stay," Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson
"You and Tequila," Kenny Chesney featuring Grace Potter
"Barton Hollow," The Civil Wars
"Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not," Thompson Square

Best Country Album
My Kinda Party, Jason Aldean
Chief, Eric Church
Own the Night, Lady Antebellum
Red River Blue, Blake Shelton
Here for a Good Time, George Strait
Speak Now, Taylor Swift

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: Lights, Camera, No Action!

I decide to take my girlfriend to the movies for a nice romantic evening. However, my choice of movie leaves a little to be desired “Earth Girls Are Easy” (You can see where the romance might have come into play….right?) After the flick, she storms out of the theatre. What movie should I have chosen?

A: St. Elmos Fire
B: Aliens
C: The Terminator

Of course the answer is A. Congratulations Suzanne Carmalitino from Pleasant Valley! You won The Wolf Prize Pack! 2 tickets to Million Dollar Quartet and a $50 Gift Card from 1-800-FLOWERS. Now you’re in the running for the Grand Prize…a $200.00 Gift Certificate to Ship Lantern Inn!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rodney Atkins Beats Domestic Assault Charge from Last November!!

Rodney Atkins has avoided jail time stemming from his November 21 arrest for an alleged domestic assault with his soon-to-be ex-wife Tammy Jo. She claimed he tried to smother her with a pillow during an alcohol-fueled fight and then threw her down a hallway. Atkins denied those charges and filed for divorce after being released from jail on $2,500 bond. According to The Tennessean, Rodney went through court-ordered assessments for anger management, alcohol and drug use and passed each one. A Williamson County, TN judge officially retired the charges against Atkins, and they will be expunged from his record. Atkins released a statement exclusively to The Tennessean saying, "I am so thankful for all those that chose to withhold judgment while keeping my family and I in their prayers,” Atkins said. “God Bless. Onward and upward.”

A Clip From Law & Order: SVU with Miranda Lambert!

Miranda's big acting debut is tonight on Law & Order:SVU. Here's a look!
The episode airs tonight at 10 on NBC.

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: Willy Wronga & The Chocolate Factory

Chocolates are always a good idea and the bigger the box, the better! But, as the day wore on, my stomach was growling louder & louder. “What could one piece hurt? I can just shuffle the rest around and she’ll never know!” Well, one lead to another and another. Well, she got an almost completely empty box of chocolates. What should I have done?

A: Always keep a bag of Hershey’s Kisses on hand in the truck to refill the box.
B: Get the “Buy One, Get One” special after Valentines Day.
C: Or simply…Never sample the Sampler!!!

Of course the answer is C. Congratulations Debbie Crosbie from New Windsor! You won The Wolf Prize Pack! 2 tickets to Million Dollar Quartet and a $50 Gift Card from 1-800-FLOWERS. Now you’re in the running for the Grand Prize…a $200.00 Gift Certificate to Ship Lantern Inn!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Culinary Stopped By The Studio Today!

Valentines Day is right around the corner! Need a gift for that someone special in your life? Why not one of the best cakes you will ever taste? The Culinary institue of America is ready to help! The selections offered include a traditional Valentines Day Cake (pictured above) It's a heart shaped chocolate blackout cake layered with white chocolate ganache and a raspberry jam swirl, covered in white fondant and decorated with pink rose petals. The traditional cake serves 6 to 8 people. This and many other delicious confections are available at... or by calling 845-905-4500.

Contact the Culinary, you won't be disappointed!!

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: Boom Box Bust Out...

Not being completely confident in my singing abilities, but still wanting to serenade my girl outside her bedroom window….I grabbed my Boom Box and proceeded to blast Sister Christian by Night Ranger! After the cops were called for disturbing the peace, I realized that maybe I should’ve picked a different song. Should I have picked….

A: I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
B: Anything by George Strait…He’ll help you everytime.
C: Centerfold by J. Geils Band

Of course the answer is B. Congratulations Sarah Gaffney of Rhinebeck! You won The Wolf Prize Pack! 2 tickets to Million Dollar Quartet and a $50 Gift Card from 1-800-FLOWERS. Now you’re in the running for the Grand Prize…a $200.00 Gift Certificate to Ship Lantern Inn!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kim Kardashian Denies She's Dating New York Jets Quarterback.

While the New York Giants are making headlines with their Super Bowl victory, Kim Kardashian is denying rumors she's dating a New York football star who's not part of the celebration. Kim denies a recent rumor that she's romantically involved with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Kim released a Twitter blast Friday, saying, “Dating rumors are always fun when you don’t even know the people [you’re] supposedly linked to. Who makes this stuff up?”Sources close to Kim tell, her 2010 split from Reggie Bush was so rough, she lost her taste for NFL players entirely. The source says Kim has no plans to play the field in the near future. Sanchez was linked to actress Hayden Panettiere last summer. That turned out to be another false romantic rumor for the 25-year-old quarterback.

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: Epic Flower Fail!

When picking up my first love for our very first date, I thought it would be a GREAT IDEA to bring Dried Flowers instead of live ones. I thought it would be easier for her to cherish them by pressing them in a book. Didn’t go over too well. What should have I done?
A: Collected live flowers from the neighbors flower bed.
B: Collected the flowers that fell on the field after the homecoming celebration.
C: Just called 1-800-FLOWERS.

Of course the answer is C. Congratulations Allan Dolan from Kingston! You won The Wolf Prize Pack! 2 tickets to Million Dollar Quartet and a $50 Gift Card from 1-800-FLOWERS. Now you’re in the running for the Grand Prize…a $200.00 Gift Certificate to Ship Lantern Inn!

Super Bowl 46: The National Anthem and Other Performances...

Kelly Clarkson did not have a Christina Aguilera moment Sunday while performing the national anthem at the Super Bowl at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Unlike Christina, who muffed the lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner" at last year's Big Game, Kelly delivered a clean rendition of the song. She was backed by the Indianapolis Children's Choir. In case you placed a bet on how long Kelly's rendition of the national anthem would last, she clocked in at around one minute, 35 seconds. Before Kelly had her moment in the spotlight, Blake Shelton and his wife, fellow country music superstar Miranda Lambert, performed a duet of "America the Beautiful." All three artists have a connection to NBC, which aired the Super Bowl. Shelton is a judge/coach on The Voice -- which premiered after the Super Bowl broadcast -- and he will welcome Lambert and Clarkson as guest mentors on his team this season. The official start of NBC's Super Bowl game broadcast began with a new version of Faith Hill's Sunday Night Football theme. It was the same music, but with revised lyrics to coincide with the Super Bowl.

(ABC News)

Friday, February 3, 2012


Just in time for the Super Bowl!!! Bud Light Platinum-a new light beer with sophistication that is just right for any occasion! This is PERFECT for your Super Bowl tailgate party! Bud Light Platinum is triple filtered for a bold taste & smooth finish. With its signature "Cobalt Blue" bottle.
Don't get older, get better, make it Platinum!

I'm gonna check these babies out this weekend during the Super Bowl...I'll give ya a full report Monday! Go Giants! Thank you Dutchess Beer Dist for my sampler pack! I'm SURE they're AWESOME!!!

Country Stars Share Their Super Bowl Plans and Predictions...

Upwards of a billion people will tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday, and that number includes some of country's hottest starts. Chris Young will be tuning in for the pre-game show to see his pals Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sing "America the Beautiful" before kickoff. He says, "I'm gonna be excited for 'em. That's a big deal, and obviously, that's one of those events that really is truly, classically American." As for who he thinks will triumph in this Sunday's game, Chris admits he "really doesn't have a dog in that fight." He says, "If I gotta go out on a limb, I'm gonna go Giants."
Dierks Bentley performed at the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis last weekend, but you won't find him especially rooting for either team. "I just want a great game,". He's actually hoping for a down-to-the-wire finish with a possible outcome in overtime. Says Dierks, "That'd be pretty cool. The longer you can keep drinking during the game, the better."
Luke Bryan will definitely be tuning in to the Super Bowl at a party with friends, but he admits that football doesn't mean as much to him since his two sons came along. A few weeks ago, Luke was fired up to watch some NFL playoff games, but his two sons wanted him to enjoy the sunny day outside instead. "When you don't get to see your children much, you know, football takes a backseat."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Keith Urban Starts Role as Judge on Australian Version of The Voice Later This Month.

Keith Urban will begin flying back and forth to Sydney later this month to fulfill his role as a judge on the Australian version of The Voice. He's looking forward to "getting the opportunity to try and help some killer raw talent blossom." Keith says, "I have a feeling that being immersed in that new kind of 'everything is possible' energy, will have a real inspiring and liberating effect on creating new music for my new album!"
Keith plans to spend a lot of time in Nashville working on that new album. He's already started writing and finding songs for that project, but no release date has been set yet.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kelly Clarkson to Perform National Anthem at Super Bowl; Shelton & Lambert "America the Beautiful".

It'll be Kelly Clarkson singing the national anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl. NBC confirmed it today, also announcing that Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert will perform "America the Beautiful" prior to the NFL championship game. Their version of "America the Beautiful" is now available for download at iTunes. As already announced, Madonna is the halftime performer. It'll be Clarkson's first time performing at the Super Bowl. It's also interesting to note that Shelton and Lambert join only a handful of artists who have ever performed "America the Beautiful" at the big game. The others are Vicki Carr (Super Bowl 11), Mary J. Blige and Marc Anthony (Super Bowl 36), Alicia Keys (Super Bowl 39), Faith Hill (Super Bowl 43), Queen Latifah (Super Bowl 44), Lea Michele (Super Bowl 46) and, of course, Ray Charles (Super Bowl 35).

Taylor Swift Not Cast as Eponine in New Film Version of Les Misérables After All.

Taylor Swift will not be appearing in the new film version of Les Misérables after all. At least she won't be playing the role of Eponine. According to, Samantha Barks, who played Eponine on London's West End, will reprise that role in the film. Taylor won't be twiddling her thumbs this year though. She's wrapping up her Speak Now World Tour this March in Australia and New Zealand. A new album from Taylor is expected before year's end as well. Taylor will also perform on the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on CBS February 12.