Friday, February 3, 2012

Country Stars Share Their Super Bowl Plans and Predictions...

Upwards of a billion people will tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday, and that number includes some of country's hottest starts. Chris Young will be tuning in for the pre-game show to see his pals Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sing "America the Beautiful" before kickoff. He says, "I'm gonna be excited for 'em. That's a big deal, and obviously, that's one of those events that really is truly, classically American." As for who he thinks will triumph in this Sunday's game, Chris admits he "really doesn't have a dog in that fight." He says, "If I gotta go out on a limb, I'm gonna go Giants."
Dierks Bentley performed at the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis last weekend, but you won't find him especially rooting for either team. "I just want a great game,". He's actually hoping for a down-to-the-wire finish with a possible outcome in overtime. Says Dierks, "That'd be pretty cool. The longer you can keep drinking during the game, the better."
Luke Bryan will definitely be tuning in to the Super Bowl at a party with friends, but he admits that football doesn't mean as much to him since his two sons came along. A few weeks ago, Luke was fired up to watch some NFL playoff games, but his two sons wanted him to enjoy the sunny day outside instead. "When you don't get to see your children much, you know, football takes a backseat."

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