Friday, September 30, 2011

Sometimes They Come Back...

Hi All! Here's my 1957 Chevy that I sold 10 years ago to my friend. He brought it by the station today for a visit. Man, do I miss that car!!

Joshua Scott Jones of Steel Magnolia Is In Rehab.

JOSHUA SCOTT JONES, the male half of the duo STEEL MAGNOLIA, has checked into rehab. Part of his statement on their website reads, quote, "God has been on my heart to announce and make public that I have entered a rehabilitation and treatment facility to address issues related to alcohol and substance abuse." This certainly explains why his partner/fiancée MEGHAN LINSEY announced last week that they had to cancel shows because Josh was "unable to perform". The timing couldn't be worse: Steel Magnolia is supposed to join Reba McEntire on tour this Thursday.

Our best wishes go out to Joshua for a quick recovery.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

LeAnn Rimes Pays Homage to Classic Country on ‘Lady and Gentlemen’.

LeAnn Rimes‘ latest album, ‘Lady and Gentlemen,’ is in stores nationwide. The album is a unique collection of classic country songs made famous by male singers, which Rimes perfects with her sultry, soulful and angelic vocals, making each song her own. In addition to the standards and a remake of ‘Blue,’ the song that put her on name on the map, Rimes’ new album also features two originals — her Top 30 hit ‘Crazy Women’ and her current single on the rise, ‘Give.’

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A Ford Explorer made from Lego's! Lego's...not just for kids anymore!

This is a story and a cool video that says you don't have to be a kid to enjoy Lego's! click below to read the story and view the video!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Jesus Sighting Yet? A Woman Spots an Image of Jesus on Her Old-School Nintendo!

Okay... let me start by saying that I'm really not buying this one. With that being said, I'd like to know how it was done. For your reading pleasure...

24-year-old Brittany Wampler of Maryland bought an old-school Nintendo on eBay for $31 a few days ago. She was inspecting it after she got it and saw an image of Jesus on the top! She says it's not residue, like from a sticker. Quote, "It's basically infused into the plastic." And when she sent a photo to the video game blog Kotaku, they checked it out and said it wasn't Photoshopped. Jesus really is on her Nintendo. As for whether this is REALLY a sign, Brittany says, quote, "I was raised religious, but I haven't made up my mind really. I would say I believe in the possibility." There's no word on what she plans to do with her Jesus Nintendo.


Randy Travis Collapsed On Stage Last Sunday . . . But He's Okay.

RANDY TRAVIS collapsed during his performance on Sunday in Fort Worth, Texas. Fortunately, several doctors were in the house and able to check him out immediately. Turns out Randy had a serious allergic reaction to some over-the-counter medicines. After shaking it off, he was given the okay to go home. He did not finish the concert. According to reports, Randy was in the middle of performing his song "Three Wooden Crosses" when he suddenly stopped and told the crowd, quote, "My vocal chords are giving out on me."
The band continued to play, but when he tried to join in on the chorus, he stumbled forward and fell. That's when the doctors hit the stage to check him out. After a few minutes Randy got up, gave a thumbs up, and then left the venue. Here's the official statement, quote, "Mr. Travis was overcome by a combination of dehydration, over-the-counter allergy medications, and caffeine use. This, combined with the heat of the stage lights, caused him to pass out." Randy is currently "resting comfortably at home" and he expects to honor all of his tour dates.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carrie Underwood Shows Off New Hair.

Carrie Underwood showed off a brand-new haircut this weekend at the IHeartradio Music Festival, adding bangs and layers and apparently trimming a bit of length all around from her previous look.
She looks great, right? Then again, she looked beautiful before too, and we’re pretty sure you agree with us when it comes to complimenting her taste. After all, it was just a couple of months ago when Taste of Country readers voted Underwood the most stylish country music star, ahead of even the always stunning Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift.

We’ll probably get a better look at her new ‘do on Nov. 9, when Underwood co-hosts the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley. Carrie reports that her and Brad have “been kind of texting different ideas back and forth. We’re gonna start working on our promos, our commercials and stuff, and it’s gonna be good.”

As for when we’ll hear new music from the young superstar, she tells the Hollywood Reporter that she’s about half done with her fourth album: “I’ve recorded vocals (for) six songs thus far. It’s all about just making the best album that I possibly can. New songs are coming in all the time — I’m still writing, and I’ve recently written some stuff that I’m really, really excited about.”

(Taste Of Country)

Toby Keith Didn't Want to Record his Song "Made In America".

It must be nerve-racking trying to pick the right songs to record for an album. I mean, why else would we hear so many stories about hit records hat almost didn't make the cut? That's the deal behind TOBY KEITH'S song "Made In America". Toby says, quote, "About a year and a half ago, me and Bobby Pinson were writing that song and I said, 'Man, I might have to put this thing on the back burner for awhile.' "I've got 'Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue', 'American Soldier' . . . (and) 'American Ride' . . . a lot of America songs. If I did 'em all, that's all I'd record." Fortunately for Toby, he caved to pressure from his team. He says, quote, "I was in the booth singing the scratch vocal, and everyone was going, 'God, what a smash. That is awesome, pal!' Everyone was high-fiving and carrying on. "I wasn't about to pop everyone's bubble and say, 'I ain't putting it on the album.' So I said, 'Alright, y'all win'."

Monday, September 26, 2011

Is Tim McGraw An "Agitated Tyrant" Who Kicked Out Five Members of the Dancehall Doctors?

The other day TIM MCGRAW'S Facebook post mentioned "recent changes" to his backup band, the DANCEHALL DOCTORS. He did NOT go into detail. Fortunately for us, the "National Enquirer" is on it. Or, they're plain full of it. I'll let you decide. Ok? The "Enquirer" quoted some so-called sources who claim that Tim kicked out five members of the band because he's worried they will "expose his darkest secrets". Those secrets being that he's been a holy terror because of lousy concert ticket sales and because he hasn't won a major music award since 2006, when he and FAITH HILL won a Grammy for their duet "Like We Never Loved At All". Tim is supposedly pressuring the band into signing agreements promising they'll keep quiet about the way he's been treating them. A source close to the band said, quote, "During the middle of the tour, he turned into a tyrant. He seemed agitated all the time, he was short-tempered, and he demanded an almost impossible level of perfection. "Nobody really had any idea what had triggered such a drastic change in his personality."

Like I said, I'll let you decide if this is the real story. Remember, it's the "Enquirer" we're talking about here. I'll keep an eye on this one for ya!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Tim McGraw Breaking Up the Dancehall Doctors?

TIM MCGRAW wrote an ominous message on his Facebook page about "recent changes" in his backup band, the DANCEHALL DOCTORS. Tim doesn't go into details, but it's pretty clearly that one, or several members, are history.

Here's the post from Facebook -

"As some of you might know, there have been some recent changes in my band. Change can be hard, and it's not something you come to lightly. I couldn't be more proud of the music we've created together over the years, and I'll treasure the memories. I know you will join me in wishing everyone only the best in their future endeavors. Thanks for all the unwavering support you've shown me over the years, and I can't wait to continue our journey…See you all soon!"

I'll keep an eye on this one for ya!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Guy Served the Starting Pitcher for the Red Sox with Child Support Papers Right Before a Game - Wearing a Yankees Jersey!

Erik Bedard was the starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday, in a game against the Baltimore Orioles. A few hours before the game, a process server named Tom Cabral served him with court papers from the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court. It was for a child-support case filed by Erik's ex-girlfriend, Courtney Roberts. The Red Sox asked if Tom could wait a day, since Erik was getting ready to pitch in an important game. Tom said, quote, "My client wants it served today, and that's what I have to do." And it would be easier to believe Tom's honorable intentions . . . if he hadn't worn a Yankees jersey into the Red Sox locker room to serve the papers! Tom introduced himself to Erik as a Yankees fan, then served the papers. Erik gave up four runs, didn't make it through the third inning, and the Red Sox lost by a score of 5-to-7.

(NY Post)

Taylor Swift is Releasing a Live Concert DVD . . . And She'll Be on "60 Minutes"!

Now we know why TAYLOR SWIFT has been dragging a video crew around on her "Speak Now" tour. She's releasing a live CD and DVD capturing all the magic of the trek. It's going to drop November 21st. Speaking of Taylor Swift. LESLEY STAHL and the "60 Minutes" crew have been following her around for a segment that's going to air . . . eventually. I don't know when. But an educated guess would be in November, around when the DVD drops.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift & More to Perform at 2011 CMA Awards.

With less than two months until country music’s biggest night, the first round of 2011 CMA Awards performers were announced this morning. All five Entertainer of the Year nominees will take the stage during the 45th annual awards show. That means plenty of face-time from Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. “I look forward to being able to perform on awards shows,” Urban says in a sound clip provided by his record label. “That is absolute moment that matters most to me is getting to play, because the other stuff is — I don’t know about the other stuff. I know about playing, and that’s the only thing I know about.” Shelton, Aldean, Swift and Paisley lead the CMA nominations with five each. A win in the Entertainer category would be a first for Shelton and Aldean. Swift (2008), Paisley (2010) and Urban (2005) have previously won the award. This year’s CMA Awards will be broadcast live from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on November 9 at 8PM on ABC. Paisley and Carrie Underwood will host the show for the third straight year. More presenters and performers will be announced in the weeks leading up to the show.

(Taste Of Country)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blake Shelton Will Stick to Country Music After "The Voice" Goes Away.

Being on a hit TV show can put you on the pop culture map. It certainly happened to BLAKE SHELTON after just one season on "The Voice". Blake says he's enjoying the ride, but he knows exactly where you'll find him when it's over. He says, quote, "You don’t see a lot of country artists end up in pop culture, but somehow MIRANDA (LAMBERT) and I are there for a minute. "When 'The Voice' comes and goes, and Miranda and I being married are not interesting to talk about anymore, country music will still be important to me. It's the reason I moved to Nashville."

Monday, September 19, 2011

Taylor Swift Does Not Perform With "Cutthroat" People.

All kinds of big stars have been showing up on stage with TAYLOR SWIFT on her current tour. It's not by accident, obviously. She has to call first to see if they're up for it. So Taylor was asked why she picks who she does. She said, quote, "I really tend to go and gravitate towards the nice people in whatever genre I'm kind of hanging out in at the time. "If I'm in L.A., the people I'm going to call and come hang out and play a song in my show are the nice people that I've had really great experiences with, who've been awesome and sincere. "That’s the same thing in Nashville. The people who I look up to, the people who've been wonderful to me and the people who I consider friends are the nice ones, who love being in this community and love all of the other artists. "They’re not cutthroat. They're the ones who will come and help you out, and sing a song for the crowd at your show."

Friday, September 16, 2011

Carrie Underwood Included on List of the Most Dangerous Celebrities in Cyberspace!

Carrie Underwood ranks No. 51 on a recent list of the most dangerous celebrities on the internet. The study looks at what famous names cyber-criminals use to lure people to sites containing malicious software. Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum beat out last year’s most dangerous celeb, Cameron Diaz, to lead this year’s pack of McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrities. Ironically, Underwood is known for not making use of some of the social media platforms other stars invest time in. She doesn’t have a Twitter account, so if you think you’ve been following the ‘Before He Cheats’ singer there, well … that’s why she’s on the list. She is the only country star on the list, now in its fifth year. Female celebrities — especially actresses — dominate the Top 10, with Piers Morgan being the only male on the first page. In general, Hollywood stars are a riskier search than singers and athletes. Big names like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are buried at No. 49 and No. 58 on the list. When you get that low, less than three percent of searches yield risky results. Since Underwood is at No. 51, fans don’t have to worry too much when they’re searching for the latest news about her.

Lady Antebellum Hired a "Communications Specialist" to Help Them Get Along With Each Other

I've heard artists say that a band is like a marriage. You're together constantly and you argue over stupid stuff. So when LADY ANTEBELLUM noticed they were butting heads a little too often, they hired a specialist to help them deal. HILLARY SCOTT says, quote, "It took us time to learn how to communicate with each other the best way and each of us receive it. We actually, I don't feel ashamed to say, had someone come and mediate a couple of times. "Not really a therapist, but a communications specialist. We figured out how to argue and work through things, but argue respectfully."
Fortunately, the process didn't drag on. Hillary says, quote, "Time and a couple of sessions with that mediator and we figured things out. I think it’s honestly a really smart way to work through things." DAVE HAYWOOD sees a huge payoff too. He says, quote, "I think we're the closest we've ever been as a group right now."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Than Half of Adults Think a Ten-Minute Outdoor Recess at Work Would Be a Good Idea.

If you got to run around outside for a few minutes every day, maybe swing on some monkey bars or throw around a football would it make you a better worker? An outdoor footwear company called KEEN surveyed full-time American workers to find ways they could improve productivity. The answer: Recess.

53% of the workers surveyed thought that taking a 10-minute outdoor recess each day would make them happier, healthier and more productive. Two in five workers thought it would be a good way to reduce workplace stress. One in three thought it would make them more productive all day long. Nearly three in four workers said they'd never had a recess break at work. (--Where do the other one in four work?) Despite the fact that 53% thought it was a good idea, only 44% of workers say they'd actually TAKE RECESS if their company offered it. Women and young employees were most likely to say they'd take a recess.

(Market Watch)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Steel Magnolia's Meghan Linsey Thinks the "Toddlers and Tiaras" Moms are "Sick in the Head"!

STEEL MAGNOLIA minx MEGHAN LINSEY just earned even more of my respect and it has nothing to do with music. It's because she's not afraid to call out the idiot moms on "Toddlers and Tiaras". Here's what she recently Tweeted, quote, "Wow! Watching 'Toddlers and Tiaras'! RIDICULOUS! These moms are sick in the head, for sure!" She added, quote, "I'm on stage every night and I don't wear half the make up these babies are wearing."

You go Meghan!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big and Rich’s Big Kenny Makes ‘Xtreme’ Entrance by Skydiving Into Nashville Show!

As fans filtered into Nashville’s Fontanel Woods Amphitheater on September 2, for the Big and Rich / Gretchen Wilson co-headlining Xtreme Muzik performance, they got an added bonus. Thirty-thousand feet above, a plane circled, and finally, Big and Rich’s Big Kenny took his leap onto the field below with five other representatives of Operation Finally Home, an organization that honors wounded and disabled veterans and widows of fallen soldiers with new homes. Upon their landing in the meadow outside the amphitheater, two more jumpers came in flying carrying larger than life size American flags. “Yeah!” Big Kenny exclaimed with both fists held high above his head. “If you haven’t done that before, go do it tomorrow! See the Xtreme Muzik show, and then go skydiving!” “It was such an amazing feeling,” Big Kenny told Taste of Country after his big jump. “That was probably up there with any other entrance I’ve ever done for a show, actually. That was the biggest American flag ever flown. I’m excited about getting on stage tonight.”
Following Kenny’s landing and an acoustic performance from newcomer Bradley Gaskin (who is being produced by Big and Rich’s John Rich), the dynamic duo and the Redneck Woman took the stage for a night filled with ‘Xtreme’ entertainment. To make the night even more special for the fans, Big and Rich and Wilson took all proceeds from their performance and donated it to Operation Finally Home.

(Taste Of Country)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Check Out the First-Ever Pixar Movie!

The founder of Pixar is a guy named Ed Catmull. But WAY before Pixar made their modern classics, Ed was a grad student at the University of Utah studying math, physics, and computer science. While he was there, he made a cool prototype of what was to come. You can check it out, it's a computer-animated 3D rendering of Ed's left hand, and some faces. But keep in mind, it's from 1972! Almost 40 years ago!

40 Year Old 3D Computer Graphics (Pixar, 1972) from Robby Ingebretsen on Vimeo.

Jason Aldean Recalls Rocking Cowboy Boots Back in High School...

Jason Aldean has always been a country fan, and he used to make this very clear with his high school wardrobe. CMT recently spoke to the musician, and Aldean explained that he was (and still is) a huge fan of Brooks and Dunn, Tracy Lawrence and Tim McGraw during his high school years. In fact, he loved country music so much that he used to wear cowboy boots to school! “Me and my friends were all big country music fans. I remember when school would start back up after summer was over, and everybody’d be singing the songs that were big hits over summer, and we’d all be wearing our cowboy boots to school,” Aldean tells CMT.
Aldean loves the timelessness and nostalgia that certain music evokes, and he hopes that fans will feel this way about his music in the future. “My music, it ain’t music that’s gonna change the world or anything. But whenever I hear a song that I go, ‘That makes me think of me being 17 years old again,’ I gotta feel like there’s an audience for that. I make music that, if I was a fan, I’d want to listen to in my truck,” Aldean says. The ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ hitmaker also thinks that teens have an easier time relating to the type of music he is creating now, rather than the more vintage tunes he grew up on. “That’s the way the circle of music happens,” he explains. Despite this idea, Aldean’s music seems to attract fans of all ages. He says, “I play what I play, and whoever likes it, likes it.”

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lady Antebellum Deliver Live Cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Sweet Emotion’!

Lady Antebellum are always talking about their eclectic musical tastes, and they often share their love for all types of music with their fans. In the past, the trio has covered pop songs like Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream‘ and Prince’s ‘Kiss.‘ However, at their show in Syracuse, N.Y. recently, Lady A took their fans back to 1975 with a pulse-pounding live rendition of Aerosmith‘s ‘Sweet Emotion.’ After they finished singing their sweet, romantic track ‘Just a Kiss,’ Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood kicked it into high gear with a cover of the Aerosmith classic. Kelley said a few words into the mic before urging everyone to “sing along with us,” as the distinctive, building guitar notes to ‘Sweet Emotion’ played in the background. The trio sang along during the climbing chorus, before Kelley took lead vocals with Haywood doing his best Joe Perry as he ripped it on guitar. Haywood’s guitar skills were so impressive during the song, Hillary Scott even gazed at him in awe and exclaimed “I love you!” Haywood may play country, but he was all rock star during the ‘Sweet Emotion’ encore. Scott and Kelley rocked out as well, getting the crowd psyched as they both did their best to replicate Steven Tyler’s vocals. What a way to end a show! Lady A killed it on this cover, proving that they’re a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll.

(Taste Of Country)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Guy Is Suing His 22 Co-Workers . . . For Winning a $99 Million Lottery Jackpot While He Was on Medical Leave.

Back on August 5th, 22 employees at the KraftMaid kitchen cabinet company in Jefferson, Ohio won a Mega Millions lottery jackpot worth $99 million. And for the past eight years, 39-year-old Edward Hairston has paid five dollars a month to participate in the company's lottery pool.
He's worked at the company in for 14 years, but he hurt his back earlier this year, went on medical leave, and didn't make his monthly payment in June, July, or August. And when his co-workers landed the jackpot, Edward decided that as a longtime member of the lottery pool, he was entitled to an equal share of the money. Edward admits that he was $15 behind in his monthly payments, but he says in the past the group has set aside money from smaller winnings to cover for people, including one co-worker who was out for five months. Last week, a judge set aside $2 million of the jackpot, which COULD be Edward's share, depending on the outcome of a trial that starts in December. Two other people played up through July and missed out on the jackpot too. But they haven't complained or filed suit . . . yet.


Donny Osmond Would Like to See Tim McGraw on "Dancing with the Stars"!

‘American Idol’ has gone country, so why can’t ‘Dancing With the Stars’ do the same? Singer Donny Osmond, who won the ninth season of the reality dance competition back in 2009, said that he thinks Tim McGraw should compete on the show and show ‘em what two-stepping is all about. According to CMT, when asked during a radio interview who would make a good candidate for the wildly popular TV program, Osmond nominated McGraw. He said, “I think Tim McGraw. As a matter of fact, I was at Tim’s show the other night, and I got onstage with him, and the crowd was going crazy.”

Osmond said that in addition to knowing how to work a crowd, the singer is in good shape and could withstand the physical rigors that come with the show. Osmond continued, “I said, ‘You know, Tim’s in pretty good shape here. He’s got his muscles and the whole bit. I think he should do ‘Dancing With the Stars’!’ And the place went crazy.”

This season’s cast is already set, with the likes of Chaz Bono (Cher’s son) and Nancy Grace (the talk show pundit) confirmed to appear, but perhaps McGraw can yank on his dancing boots next season? He’s already got Osmond campaigning for him, so perhaps McGraw fans could do a Facebook campaign to get him on the show … provided he actually wants to do it! You never know. Maybe we will see McGraw showing ‘em how it’s done, country style, on ‘DWTS’ some time in the future.

(Taste Of Country)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Month You're Born in Makes a Huge Impact on Your Future Career!

A new study out of England found that the MONTH when someone is born makes a big impact on their future career. It's hard to figure out the science behind it. There are theories about things like the amount of sunlight pregnant women are exposed to, or the allergies children are more prone to in different seasons. But no one's really sure. All they know is that data has shown people born in certain months end up in certain careers more often. For what it's worth, here are the findings . . .

JANUARY. Lots of doctors and debt collectors, fewer real estate agents.

FEBRUARY. Lots of artists and traffic cops, fewer physicists. Also, people born in February are most prone to narcolepsy.(???)

MARCH. Lots of pilots and musicians.

APRIL. The only career that's overrepresented in April over time is dictators. (???) People born in April are also more likely to have lower-than-average IQs, and more health problems.

MAY. Lots of politicians, fewer pro athletes.

JUNE. Lots of CEOs. Also high on Nobel Prize winners.

JULY. Lots of manual laborers and artists.

AUGUST. Lots of manual laborers and high-ranking politicians.

SEPTEMBER. Lots of people in academia and sports.

OCTOBER. Lots of politicians. People in October are also most likely to live the longest.

NOVEMBER. Lots of serial killers. Also, people born in November are most prone to bipolar disorder.

DECEMBER. Lots of dentists. Also lots of religious and secular MESSIAHS everyone from JESUS to STALIN and MAO.

(Daily Mail)

Eric Church Kicked Out A Bone-Headed Security Guard At One Of His Shows

Looks like KEITH URBAN'S zero tolerance toward security guards harassing fans has rubbed off on ERIC CHURCH. Eric kicked out a thick-headed guard who went over the top on an innocent fan. It happened last month at Eric's show in Aberdeen, Washington, when a female fan approached the stage wanting him to sign her boot. Eric explains, quote, "She wasn't hurting anything. "She threw me her boot and the security guard tried to manhandle her. I got real irritated. I stopped singing, but the band kept playing (so) I couldn't get his attention." Eric tried THROWING the boot AT the guard in hopes he'd get the message, but the dude was clueless. Eric asked the woman to bring the boot up again, and that's when the guard went over the line. Eric says, quote, "She brought the boot to me and I'll be damned if he didn't try to kick her out again. By that time, I had lost it. So I stopped the show and had my guys kick the security guard out. The fans loved it. "I never had an encounter like that with a security guard. I wasn't sad when he was gone."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top 10 Country Yearbook Photos!

Identifying a few of the country stars on this list of Top 10 Yearbook Photos isn't too difficult. After all, artists like Scotty McCreery, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift aren't that far removed from their education. Things begin to get a little strange for the artists over 30-years-old, however. Let's be honest, nobody is proud of their old yearbook photos. We all look like dorky, miniature versions of our grown up selves. Perhaps in time we'll be able to appreciate the innocence of those formative years, but for now, yearbook photos are just flat out embarrassing. With that in mind, we dug up the silliest of the silly yearbook photos from some of country music's biggest names.

Click Here To See The Pics!

Monday, September 5, 2011

10 Best "Friend" Songs...

The best "Friend" songs ever recorded can be emotional or silly. They can say “thank you” or “I miss you.” And sometimes, they just tell stories of all the trouble we caused when we were young. No country artist has dominated the “friend song” market, but dozens have given us opportunities to appreciate the loyalty of a good buddy. Tim McGraw's offering on this list will bring a tear to your eye. Kenny Chesney and Rodney Atkins describe the youthful exuberance we have all felt at one point or another. In choosing the 10 Best Friend Songs, Taste Of Country highlighted tunes that honor the best parts of a platonic relationship.

Click Here To View The List

Thursday, September 1, 2011

George Lucas Added Audio of Vader Yelling "Noooooooo!" to the New "Return of the Jedi"

GEORGE LUCAS is releasing the original "Star Wars" trilogy on Blu-Ray this September 16th. And that can only mean one thing: "Star Wars" nerds in an uproar over the weird changes he keeps making. Basically, whenever George Lucas releases a new version of "Star Wars", whether it's on DVD, a boxed set, whatever, he tinkers with them by adding CGI special effects, adding deleted scenes, or removing previous changes that fans didn't like. And this time even regular fans might get annoyed. Because at the end of "Return of the Jedi", he dubbed in audio of Darth Vader screaming "Noooooooo!" while the Emperor electrocutes Luke Skywalker.

Check It Out!

Keith Urban Pitched One of His Songs to Scotty McCreery

This year's "American Idol" champ SCOTTY MCCREERY was planning to put all original material on his debut country album and then KEITH URBAN dusted off one of his old songs and offered it up. That changed the plan.
Scotty explains, quote, "There's technically going to be one cover. Keith Urban pitched a song my way, and it's one he did way back when he was part of the band THE RANCH. "He's on tour right now so we don't know, but he said he might play guitar on the track." As far as the sound of Scotty's debut album well, I'll let him explain. He says, quote, "It's not going to be poppy. That's one thing we stayed away from. I grew up with the old-school stuff, so I didn't want to completely stray from that. "We've got the rocker songs, the up-tempo stuff. But when we slow it down, the songs get more intimate, and you can definitely hear some of the more classic elements." (--Scotty's album "Clear As Day" is due out October 4th.)
One more thing about Scotty McCreery asked if any of the big-time artists he's met have left him star-struck. He mentioned CARRIE UNDERWOOD and TIM MCGRAW.

The Pistol Annies Have the Number One Country Album!

The PISTOL ANNIES debut album, "Hell on Heels", sold over 44,000 copies in its debut week, which was enough for it to land at Number One on the "Billboard" Top Country Albums chart. It's also #5 on the magazine's Top 200 pop chart. Part of the press release on the band's Facebook page includes quotes from each of the girls. MIRANDA LAMBERT said, quote, "I cannot believe how much the fans have embraced us."