Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Guy Is Suing His 22 Co-Workers . . . For Winning a $99 Million Lottery Jackpot While He Was on Medical Leave.

Back on August 5th, 22 employees at the KraftMaid kitchen cabinet company in Jefferson, Ohio won a Mega Millions lottery jackpot worth $99 million. And for the past eight years, 39-year-old Edward Hairston has paid five dollars a month to participate in the company's lottery pool.
He's worked at the company in for 14 years, but he hurt his back earlier this year, went on medical leave, and didn't make his monthly payment in June, July, or August. And when his co-workers landed the jackpot, Edward decided that as a longtime member of the lottery pool, he was entitled to an equal share of the money. Edward admits that he was $15 behind in his monthly payments, but he says in the past the group has set aside money from smaller winnings to cover for people, including one co-worker who was out for five months. Last week, a judge set aside $2 million of the jackpot, which COULD be Edward's share, depending on the outcome of a trial that starts in December. Two other people played up through July and missed out on the jackpot too. But they haven't complained or filed suit . . . yet.


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