Thursday, June 30, 2011

SPOILER ALERT!! --- The Voice Finale!

Last night was the season finale of "The Voice", and while it was close, Team Blake didn't come away with the win: JAVIER COLON from Team Adam beat out DIA FRAMPTON by just 2% of the vote. Dia was the last of the four finalists to perform, and she did "The House That Built Me" with MIRANDA LAMBERT. Miranda did the first verse, Dia came in on the second verse, and they owned it, you could tell from the crowd's reaction. Miranda gave Dia a big hug when they were finished and Blake was pretty emotional. He said, quote, "I was probably supposed to have something prepared to say. I know why I get so emotional around you, Dia. Watching you sing that song with my wife, it makes sense to me. You are family to me now and I love you. I really do." He also said, quote, "They are both mold breakers. There is nobody else like 'em."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Dirt Devil Commercial - Very Funny!

Dirt Devil-The Exorcist from MrPrice2U on Vimeo.

Rascal Flatts Barely Played Any Instruments on Their First Few Albums.

There was a time when people would trash RASCAL FLATTS by calling them a boy band. Especially guitarist JOE DON ROONEY. Turns out that was only part of the reason. They were considered lightweights because their record company insisted on bringing in session musicians to play most of the instruments on their first few albums. The band hated it, but there was nothing they could do. Bassist JAY DEMARCUS told the "Chicago Tribune", quote, "I didn't play a lot on those albums and I was pissed." Once they were established, they brought in their friend, producer Dann Huff. He let them play. Joe Don says, quote, "Dann was a big proponent of having us play and bring our personalities into the music. Not only our voices, but our personalities. "He really opened that door and that trust window with (our label) to allow us to be the musicians we are. All of a sudden, you hear these songs and they're just a little bit different. You can hear a growth and maturity." By the way, the first album that they consider entirely their own was 2006's "Me and My Gang". They've released three albums since then, "Still Feels Good", "Unstoppable" and "Nothing Like This". So, the early albums that were DOMINATED BY THE MAN were their self-titled debut album followed by "Melt" and then "Feels Like Today".

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Veteran Who Lost His Arm in Afghanistan Caught a Foul Ball at a Yankees Game!

A National Guard vet named Michael Kacer lost his left arm in Afghanistan in 2008. But it didn't stop him from snagging a foul ball with his hat at a Yankees game on Friday. And it wasn't an easy catch either: He had to lean over a railing to get it. In an interview afterwards he said, quote, "Either I was going to catch the ball, I was going to catch the ball AND go over the railing, or I was going to miss the ball COMPLETELY and go over the railing." After the catch, he immediately gave the ball to his nephew. Click The Link Below To View The Catch!

Great Catch!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's Wedding Video....

MIRANDA LAMBERT'S and BLAKE SHELTON'S wedding video was leaked. It's not clear who's to blame, but it showed up on YouTube for a nanosecond before being yanked. It took some searching but I did find one site that still has it. It's a little over eight minutes long and it goes from their rehearsal all the way through the reception. The preacher pronounces them married at around the 6:10 mark. And it looks surprisingly like a normal wedding, full of drinking and dancing and hugging. The main difference, of course, is that famous people like REBA MCENTIRE, NEAL MCCOY and MARTINA MCBRIDE pop up here and there. Personally, It looks like a music video. Excellent quality and I also think that it was probably Blake & Miranda who released it. Either way,'s a great look at the happy couple!

Blake & Miranda's Wedding.

A U.S. Marine Returned From Afghanistan and Surprised His Sister at Graduation.

At the Cal Poly graduation ceremony earlier this month in California, they stopped in the middle to talk about a graduate's brother, who was serving a tour in Afghanistan. And the girl immediately started crying. Then she saw her brother standing in uniform at the other end of the stage and REALLY started crying.(They stop the ceremony at 1:07, and she sees him at 1:26.)
I LOVE these videos. If You have one and would like to share your happy day with everyone, just email me the video or the link and I'll post it to our website!

Believe It Or Not, Texting While Driving is Twice as Dangerous as Drinking and Driving!

The whole "texting while driving will kill you" message still hasn't landed, so let's throw out another INSANE statistic to see if this one sinks in. According to a study by Virginia Tech University, texting while driving increases your chance of having an accident by 23 TIMES. In comparison, drinking and driving increases your chance by 11 TIMES. Which isn't to say you should choose drinking and driving over texting and driving, you should choose neither. But for all the hype that drunk driving gets, texting and driving is more than TWICE as dangerous.

(Tri County Leader)

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Calgary Zoo's New Ad Features a 'Breakdancing' Gorilla!

I'm guessing the Calgary Zoo might get more visitors this year than usual, because their new ad features a breakdancing gorilla. And since Friday, it's gotten about 800,000 views on YouTube. It shows a gorilla named Zola spinning around in a puddle of water, and mostly just splashing its feet. Then they added in dance music. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Glen Campbell Has Alzheimer's Disease.

Country music icon GLEN CAMPBELL has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He's been suffering from short-term memory loss for years, but wasn't diagnosed until six months ago. He's 75 years old. Glen and his wife Kim decided to talk about it NOW because he's doing a farewell tour in the fall.(--No word yet on those dates.) Kim told "People", quote, "Glen is still an awesome guitar player and singer. But if he flubs a lyric or gets confused on stage, I wouldn't want people to think, 'What's the matter with him? Is he drunk?'" Glen adds, quote, "I still love making music. And I still love performing for my fans. I'd like to thank them for sticking with me through thick and thin." He's also releasing a new album on August 30th. It's called "Ghost on the Canvas". You may remember a few months ago when we talked about the all-star guest cast Glen assembled for the album.

And Now . . . "El Willy," the Salsa-Dancing Chihuahua!

There's a new video of a salsa-dancing Chihuahua named "El Willy" that's racking up views on YouTube. And posted it along with a few other dancing dogs you might remember.

TV Guides "Dancing With The Dogs"

Jerrod Niemann's Next Video Combines Alcohol and Cardiovascular Fitness.

I can't wait to see the video for JERROD NIEMANN'S single, "One More Drinkin' Song". It features Jerrod, JAKE OWEN, LEE BRICE, plus a few other friends, drinking and driving in a bar on wheels. I'll let Jerrod explain. He said, quote, "I found this thing called the Nashville Pedal Tavern. It's this bar on wheels that you pedal from bar to bar and pick up friends. "The horsepower of this machine is your drunk friends pedaling around on this thing. I like it because it's cardio and consuming alcohol at the same time." The video is due out in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Man Robs a Bank For $1 So He Can Go to Jail . . . And Get Health Care.

There aren't many stories that sum up the problems with health care in the U.S. better than this one. Last Thursday, 59-year-old James Verone of Gastonia, North Carolina went into a branch of RBC Bank to rob it. He handed the teller a note that read, quote, "This is a bank robbery. Please only give me $1." The teller did. Then James walked away, sat down on a chair in the bank, and told the teller he was going to wait for the police. His reason? James is unemployed, doesn't have health insurance, and has some medical problems. So he says he's HOPING to get three years in jail where he can have his issues taken care of and by the time he gets out he'll be old enough for Social Security. James has an unknown growth on his chest, two ruptured discs in his back, and a problem with his left foot. He's a little worried that he was TOO loose about his bank robbery though. He didn't use a weapon and only stole a dollar so he was charged with larceny, which is a lesser charge than bank robbery.

(New York Times)

A Woman is Saved After a Fall at Home When She Posts an Emergency Facebook Status Update!

Cindy Lincoln of Stuart, Florida was doing laundry at home, alone, when she slipped and fell. Her age wasn't given, but from photos we'd estimate she's in her late 50s or early 60s. As soon as she fell she heard her femur CRUNCH, and she was in excruciating pain. She couldn't stand up, she could barely move, and she couldn't get to a phone to call 911. After almost TEN HOURS on the floor, she realized her laptop was across the room on a table. So she managed to drag herself across the floor, reach up to the laptop, sign on to Facebook, and type a status update: "Call 911, I need help." All of her kids are adults and carry their smartphones on them, so she hoped one of them would see it. And a few minutes later, her daughter-in-law did and called 911. EMTs came to Cindy's house and took her to the hospital, where she's still recovering.

(Treasure Coast Palm)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tim McGraw Yanked A Drunk Woman Out of The Crowd on Saturday!

TIM MCGRAW has no patience for unruly fans. Even drunk ones that are kind of cute. Tim yanked a wasted young woman from his show last Saturday at The Gorge near Quincy, Washington and had her removed from the venue!Yakima's KDBL "The Bull" offered up a pretty detailed report of what went down. According to the story, two girls wanted to get a high five from Tim as he approached the edge of the stage so they bulldozed their way past the aforementioned drunk chick. That set her off so she tossed her drink on them and some of it hit two other dudes who were standing nearby. That's when tempers flared. Tim saw it all go down, so he stopped the show and tried to restore peace. By now the two guys were cussing out the drunk girl and possibly threatening her. Tim decided it was time to yank the wasted chick completely out of the crowd. And then he ALSO had security remove the two guys. They argued their point but Tim would have none of it. He kept saying, "You've got no choice in the matter." As is the norm these days, somebody recorded much of the action and put it on YouTube.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Prankster....TIM McGRAW!

This is one of the BEST pranks ever! During the current Emotional Traffic Tour, Tim McGraw decides to play a little prank on Luke Bryan and his beautiful Bronco! Get ready for this one!

Ronnie Dunn Likes Being Under the Radar as a Solo Artist

BROOKS & DUNN was one of the most successful acts in country music history. So it's interesting to hear RONNIE DUNN compare and contrast those days with his career as a solo artist. He said, quote, "In September, we had eight semis and six buses. "I'm down to one bus and a horse trailer now. And I love it! I really enjoy playing venues and staying under the radar, tightening up the band and getting a sound and a vibe of just how this solo thing feels. The few dates that we've played are a blast."

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Les Paul Guitar on Google Cost the World $268 Million in Lost Productivity!

In case you missed it, last Thursday and Friday, Google changed the logo on its homepage to look like a LES PAUL guitar, in honor of Les Paul's birthday. And you could actually use your mouse to strum the guitar and record songs. Well, people LOVED it. And according to a technology consulting company, it cost the world $268 MILLION in lost productivity. That's a rough estimate based on Google's finding that the average person spent an extra 26 seconds on their homepage when the guitar was up and there were 740 million visits to the page over the two days.

So, if you like to waste some more time at work, click the link below to strum away! Enjoy!

Click To Play Like Les Paul!

Keith Urban Will Be Reacting With the Crowd Even More Than Usual on his "Get Closer" Tour

If you've always wanted to get super close to KEITH URBAN, then I suggest you spring for main floor seats to his "Get Closer" tour. Keith is setting up FIVE different stages at each show so he can be close to as many fans as possible. And get this, one of the stages will be set up in a different part of the crowd each night. Keith explains, quote, "I figured out the idea of the moving stage and it will never be in the same place twice. One that's tiny and moveable every night and it allows me to go anywhere in the arena from night to night. It's always different." As you may recall, Keith hates the notion of security guards getting between him and the audience. He says, quote, "I want the (fans) to feel liberated, that they can do whatever they want to do. If they want to dance and scream and cheer, they should be able to do that and not feel like someone's going to come and tell them to sit down. "I'm just trying to make sure that everybody no matter where they're sitting feels connected to what we're doing. I want to play with everybody; I don't want to play at them. The audience reaction is a huge part of our show."

Kid Rock Says He's Too Lazy To Record A Country Album

You probably know that KID ROCK started out as a rap artist before crossing over to rock and country. asked Kid if he'll ever take the plunge and record a full-blown country album. He doesn't see it happening, because he's too lazy. He said, quote, "I enjoy music too much to narrow it down and say I'm just going to do a country album. Plus, the artists have to do so much stuff in country, and I'm a lazy butt. I don't want to have to sign autographs and go talk to radio about your single. "You can't play your show and get off the stage at 11 and then go have a good time and then get up and go to radio to ask them to play your songs the next morning. I don't knock it, but I'm not sure I want to do that!" By the way, Kid knows he's kind of a polarizing figure. The sort of guy people seem to either love or hate. But he welcomes the opportunity to change their minds. He says, quote, "I think people are more surprised that they like me when they meet me. I came down (to Nashville) with an open heart, and I've had people tell me, 'I was surprised that I like you'."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shania Twain & Lionel Richie - Endless Love (preview)

Here's a video clip of SHANIA TWAIN and LIONEL RICHIE performing a duet of Lionel's smash, "Endless Love". If they ever decide to release this as a single, it'll be huge.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Cars 2" Soundtrack featuring Brad Paisley!

BRAD PAISLEY has two songs on the "Cars 2" soundtrack, which came out yesterday. There's also a "Cars 2" behind-the-scenes video featuring Brad and some of the other people involved in the movie.

Click Here To Check Out The Video!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here Are the Fifteen TV Dads People Want as Their Father.

Just in time for Father's Day, the people at Harris Interactive surveyed more than 2,000 American adults and asked them which TV dads they would have wanted as THEIR dad growing up. The winner in a landslide was BILL COSBY as Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show". It's gotta be the sweaters. He was number one for both men and women, and across all age groups, all races, and all political affiliations. This is the second time that Harris has run this survey. The first time was in 2009 and the result was the exact same!

Here's the full top 15:
#1.) Cliff Huxtable, "The Cosby Show"
#2.) Ward Cleaver from "Leave it to Beaver"
#3.) Jim Anderson from "Father Knows Best"
#4.) Howard Cunningham from "Happy Days"
#5.) Andy Taylor from "The Andy Griffith Show"
#6.) Mike Brady from "The Brady Bunch"
#7.) Ozzie Nelson from "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet"
#8.) Charles Ingalls from "Little House on the Prairie"
#9.) Tim Taylor from "Home Improvement"
#10.) Ben Cartwright from "Bonanza"
#11.) Danny Tanner from "Full House"
#12.) Peter Griffin from "Family Guy"
#13.) Steve Douglas from "My Three Sons"
#14.) Dan Conner from "Roseanne"
#15.) Archie Bunker from "All in the Family"

Trace Adkins Insisted on Coming Right Home After His House Burned Down.

TRACE ADKINS' wife Rhonda is cool. Maybe too cool. As you may recall, Trace was in Alaska doing some shows and some fishing when Rhonda called saying their house burned down. And then she gave him the okay to KEEP fishing. Trace explains why that wasn't the right thing to do. He said, quote, "I told her after the plane refueled I would head back and she told me just to stay there, that there was nothing I could do in Nashville. "I told her (to) think about that headline:'Trace Adkins' House Burns, His Family Is Homeless and He Goes Fishing in Alaska.' So I came home and she was right, there was nothing I could do but hug them." Speaking of Trace: His new album is coming out August 2nd. It's called "Proud To Be Here". The title holds special meaning to Trace. He explains, quote, "It was chosen as the album title some weeks ago. "It's how I've felt ever since my first album release and during every milestone since. The title song could have been based on my life and it's about narrow escapes and the grace that guides you through. "Obviously, now after the fire, 'Proud To Be Here' takes on an even greater significance. Once again, I've been blessed and everyone is safe. I don't even want to think what could've been had it started at 3:00 A.M. instead of 3:00 P.M."

Monday, June 13, 2011

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Honeymooned at Reba McEntire's Vacation Home in Mexico.

Turns out MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHELTON fooled us all and went on TWO different honeymoons. The first one was that little fishing expedition in Oklahoma. That was a misdirection so we'd be happy and leave them alone. But, their reps confirmed to "Us Weekly" that Miranda and Blake ALSO left the country and honeymooned at REBA MCENTIRE'S vacation estate outside of Cancun, Mexico. Smart move. They wanted privacy, and they got it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jack Doesn't Know Jack - "The Grand Prize"!

Congratulations to Tim Waltke of Kingston! Tim is the Grand Prize winner of the BBQ Boot Camp at the Culinary Institute of America! Tim will also get 2 Meet & Greet passes to meet Jimmy Wayne at Bethel Woods on June 15th! Thank You to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and Bethel Woods for such great prizes! Thank You to all of our listeners for playing another edition of "Jack Doesn't Know Jack"!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Jack Doesn't Know Jack - "This Is Corny"

Problem 5: Your corn fails to amaze when you offer your guests newly spray buttered corn! Instead a blackened cylinder that looks more like evidence in an arson than corn on the cob.

A: Take out the silk and the outermost layers of the corn husk, but leave that last layer on before you set it on the grill.

B: Coat the corn with butter prior to putting it on the grill.

C: Par-boil corn before placing it on the grill.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jack Doesn't Know Jack - "Is This Too Rare?"

Problem: You open your grill up expecting the delicious scent of sizzling food to waft up, only to find cold meat.

A: Should have pre-cooked the food in the oven first and then put it on the grill.

B: Make sure coals are well on their way before you move onto the next stage (they should be covered in grey ash). Make sure the grill is hot before you cook anything on it.

C: Say ‘oh well’ and cook thoroughly with a blow torch.

Shania Twain Will Be Doing a Two-Year Residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas!

Turns out yesterday's big announcement from SHANIA TWAIN is that she's kicking off a two-year residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. She'll be doing 60 shows per year. "Shania: Still The One" will begin its run on December 1st.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here's the Crazy Fighter Jet Fly-By From the Pilot's Point of View!

A video of a fighter jet doing an insanely low fly-by in Argentina made the rounds online last week. It was so low, people thought the video was fake. But apparently it's real. Check it out from the pilots point of view!
Click the link below!

This is NO FAKE!

Taylor Swift and Shania Twain Taped a "Thelma & Louise" Parody for Tonight's "CMT Music Awards"

Tonight's "CMT Music Awards" will open with a "Thelma & Louise" video parody starring SHANIA TWAIN and TAYLOR SWIFT. I'm guessing Taylor is playing the GEENA DAVIS part, while Shania will try to fill out the SUSAN SARANDON role. There's also a special cameo from "Glee" stud CHORD OVERSTREET *(most likely revisiting BRAD PITT'S breakout role.) Side note: Chord is the son of country legend TOMMY OVERSTREET. But you already knew that. :) The video was shot Monday in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, which is near Nashville.

Jack Doesn't Know Jack - "Flame Broiled"

Problem 3: Your grate catches fire or the fire suddenly becomes huge and engulfs your food.

a: Adding ground clove to the meat will help naturally extinguish the flames.

B: Keep a portable fan next to the grill to keep the temperature down.

c: Trim meats of excess fats. Don't put too much oil on vegetables or breads. If the flames pop up, don't spray water on the fire -- simply move the food to a cooler portion of the grill.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jack Doesn't Know Jack - "Don't Be Fuelish With Your Grilling"

Problem 2: You and your guests bite into your meals. Taste buds all ready for the taste of a nice juicy steak! Instead, all of you only to get the intense flavor of lighter fluid. What should I have done?

A: Try to find a flavored lighter fluid.

B: Stick to a charcoal product that isn't saturated with lighter fluid and isn't billed as easy-to-light--use a chimney starter instead. Never spray lighter fluid onto an open flame or hot charcoal.

C: Sprinkle the meat with baking soda. This will absorb the lighter fluid taste.

A Fighter Jet Did a Fly-By That Was So Low, People Actually Ducked to Get Out of the Way!

This might be fake, but there's a video online of a fighter jet in Argentina doing an INSANELY low fly-by, right over a group of people. It's only a few feet off the ground when it goes by, and the people actually DUCK to get out of the way. Is it real? You decide. Looks real to me!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Dutchess County Fair Is Coming!!!

I want to thank Bob Grems from the Dutchess County Fair for stopping by the show today! Bob told us about all the stage shows coming this year! It's going to be a GREAT season at the D.C. Fair!

Click Here for the great shows coming to the DC Fair!

Jack Dosen't know Jack - "The Guests Are Sick!"

Everyone feels sick after eating your food because you created cross-contamination when you got raw meat drippings on cooked food.

A: Be strict about keeping separate the areas you use to prepare raw meat and cooked and other foods. Use two different tongs to handle food -- one for raw meat, the other for cooked meat.

B: Should have ordered from Ming’s Chinese Palace and called it a night.

C: Should have partially cooked the meat on the stove first.

Friday, June 3, 2011

"Jack Doesn't Know Jack" IS BACK! This Time It's...Grilling Disasters!

Fathers Day is right around the corner. How would you like to win a GREAT prize for your Dad? How about a BBQ Boot Camp at The Culinary Institue Of America? Listen every morning at 6:50 starting this Monday! Give me the correct answer to my "Grilling Disaster" and I'll hook you up with 2 tickets to see Hall & Oates aolng with Special Guest Jimmy Wayne at Bethel Woods on June 15th! PLUS! You'll be in the running for the BBQ Boot camp for two AND 2 "Meet & Greet" passes for Jimmy Wayne!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yet Another GREAT Marriage Proposal!

At a Kansas City Royals game on Monday, they played a message on the jumbo screen from a soldier asking his girlfriend to marry him. Then the soldier showed up in person to give her the ring. The sound in the video is horrible, but it doesn't really matter. The best part is when she sees him on top of the dugout, sprints to him, and gives him a huge hug.

Carrie Underwood Says Country Music Fans Are "Normal".

Let's be honest, artists love to give their fans plenty of props. It would be career suicide to do otherwise. But every once in a while I see a comment that really sounds like it comes from the heart. This is one. It's CARRIE UNDERWOOD talking about country music fans. She says, quote, "It is the least affected genre of music. It's real people. These people are the most normal people you could possibly ever hope to be around. They're your neighbors, they're your friends, they're people you work with. They just stay normal. They are not doing anything weird for attention. They're just cool people that are extremely talented. People want that."

I couldn't agree with Carrie more, You guys are the best!
Thank You! - Hammer

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ACTION FANS! The World's FIRST BMX "Triple Back Flip" Caught On Tape!

Keith Urban Is Not Bothered When His Fans Scratch Him or Rip His Clothes

KEITH URBAN is known for running into the crowd during his concerts and mixing it up with his adoring fans. And he's actually going to take that up a notch for the next leg of his "Get Closer" world tour, which kicks off June 16th in Biloxi, Mississippi. Keith explains, quote, "This tour is not just called 'Get Closer', it's literally gonna be that, too. I'm going into the crowd on several occasions." I've seen video of Keith going into the crowd and it always seems like a lot of fun. Maybe it is, but it's also more dangerous than it looks. Keith explains, quote, "Maybe from the outside it looks very different, but the lost buttons and ripped sleeves testify to something very different. "I've come home a few times with scratches on my chest and on my back, and my wife's gone, 'What is that?' And I'm like, 'Well, I'll show you,' and we've filmed the audience. "She's like, 'Oh my god!' It can be a bit treacherous out there sometimes, but it's always different, always unpredictable, and I love it."