Monday, June 27, 2011

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's Wedding Video....

MIRANDA LAMBERT'S and BLAKE SHELTON'S wedding video was leaked. It's not clear who's to blame, but it showed up on YouTube for a nanosecond before being yanked. It took some searching but I did find one site that still has it. It's a little over eight minutes long and it goes from their rehearsal all the way through the reception. The preacher pronounces them married at around the 6:10 mark. And it looks surprisingly like a normal wedding, full of drinking and dancing and hugging. The main difference, of course, is that famous people like REBA MCENTIRE, NEAL MCCOY and MARTINA MCBRIDE pop up here and there. Personally, It looks like a music video. Excellent quality and I also think that it was probably Blake & Miranda who released it. Either way,'s a great look at the happy couple!

Blake & Miranda's Wedding.

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