Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keith Urban Pitched One of His Songs to Scotty McCreery

This year's "American Idol" champ SCOTTY MCCREERY was planning to put all original material on his debut country album and then KEITH URBAN dusted off one of his old songs and offered it up. That changed the plan.
Scotty explains, quote, "There's technically going to be one cover. Keith Urban pitched a song my way, and it's one he did way back when he was part of the band THE RANCH. "He's on tour right now so we don't know, but he said he might play guitar on the track." As far as the sound of Scotty's debut album well, I'll let him explain. He says, quote, "It's not going to be poppy. That's one thing we stayed away from. I grew up with the old-school stuff, so I didn't want to completely stray from that. "We've got the rocker songs, the up-tempo stuff. But when we slow it down, the songs get more intimate, and you can definitely hear some of the more classic elements." (--Scotty's album "Clear As Day" is due out October 4th.)
One more thing about Scotty McCreery asked if any of the big-time artists he's met have left him star-struck. He mentioned CARRIE UNDERWOOD and TIM MCGRAW.

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