Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toby Keith Didn't Want to Record his Song "Made In America".

It must be nerve-racking trying to pick the right songs to record for an album. I mean, why else would we hear so many stories about hit records hat almost didn't make the cut? That's the deal behind TOBY KEITH'S song "Made In America". Toby says, quote, "About a year and a half ago, me and Bobby Pinson were writing that song and I said, 'Man, I might have to put this thing on the back burner for awhile.' "I've got 'Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue', 'American Soldier' . . . (and) 'American Ride' . . . a lot of America songs. If I did 'em all, that's all I'd record." Fortunately for Toby, he caved to pressure from his team. He says, quote, "I was in the booth singing the scratch vocal, and everyone was going, 'God, what a smash. That is awesome, pal!' Everyone was high-fiving and carrying on. "I wasn't about to pop everyone's bubble and say, 'I ain't putting it on the album.' So I said, 'Alright, y'all win'."

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