Monday, September 26, 2011

Is Tim McGraw An "Agitated Tyrant" Who Kicked Out Five Members of the Dancehall Doctors?

The other day TIM MCGRAW'S Facebook post mentioned "recent changes" to his backup band, the DANCEHALL DOCTORS. He did NOT go into detail. Fortunately for us, the "National Enquirer" is on it. Or, they're plain full of it. I'll let you decide. Ok? The "Enquirer" quoted some so-called sources who claim that Tim kicked out five members of the band because he's worried they will "expose his darkest secrets". Those secrets being that he's been a holy terror because of lousy concert ticket sales and because he hasn't won a major music award since 2006, when he and FAITH HILL won a Grammy for their duet "Like We Never Loved At All". Tim is supposedly pressuring the band into signing agreements promising they'll keep quiet about the way he's been treating them. A source close to the band said, quote, "During the middle of the tour, he turned into a tyrant. He seemed agitated all the time, he was short-tempered, and he demanded an almost impossible level of perfection. "Nobody really had any idea what had triggered such a drastic change in his personality."

Like I said, I'll let you decide if this is the real story. Remember, it's the "Enquirer" we're talking about here. I'll keep an eye on this one for ya!

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  1. :O Well I understand why he would be agitated all the time, wouldn't you? Even if Tim McGraw never wins another award in his life, He is still the greatest man that ever sang, That's a fact. And if this is true, then that sucks, and they should get over it...