Monday, September 19, 2011

Taylor Swift Does Not Perform With "Cutthroat" People.

All kinds of big stars have been showing up on stage with TAYLOR SWIFT on her current tour. It's not by accident, obviously. She has to call first to see if they're up for it. So Taylor was asked why she picks who she does. She said, quote, "I really tend to go and gravitate towards the nice people in whatever genre I'm kind of hanging out in at the time. "If I'm in L.A., the people I'm going to call and come hang out and play a song in my show are the nice people that I've had really great experiences with, who've been awesome and sincere. "That’s the same thing in Nashville. The people who I look up to, the people who've been wonderful to me and the people who I consider friends are the nice ones, who love being in this community and love all of the other artists. "They’re not cutthroat. They're the ones who will come and help you out, and sing a song for the crowd at your show."

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