Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Randy Travis Collapsed On Stage Last Sunday . . . But He's Okay.

RANDY TRAVIS collapsed during his performance on Sunday in Fort Worth, Texas. Fortunately, several doctors were in the house and able to check him out immediately. Turns out Randy had a serious allergic reaction to some over-the-counter medicines. After shaking it off, he was given the okay to go home. He did not finish the concert. According to reports, Randy was in the middle of performing his song "Three Wooden Crosses" when he suddenly stopped and told the crowd, quote, "My vocal chords are giving out on me."
The band continued to play, but when he tried to join in on the chorus, he stumbled forward and fell. That's when the doctors hit the stage to check him out. After a few minutes Randy got up, gave a thumbs up, and then left the venue. Here's the official statement, quote, "Mr. Travis was overcome by a combination of dehydration, over-the-counter allergy medications, and caffeine use. This, combined with the heat of the stage lights, caused him to pass out." Randy is currently "resting comfortably at home" and he expects to honor all of his tour dates.

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