Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Guy Served the Starting Pitcher for the Red Sox with Child Support Papers Right Before a Game - Wearing a Yankees Jersey!

Erik Bedard was the starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday, in a game against the Baltimore Orioles. A few hours before the game, a process server named Tom Cabral served him with court papers from the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court. It was for a child-support case filed by Erik's ex-girlfriend, Courtney Roberts. The Red Sox asked if Tom could wait a day, since Erik was getting ready to pitch in an important game. Tom said, quote, "My client wants it served today, and that's what I have to do." And it would be easier to believe Tom's honorable intentions . . . if he hadn't worn a Yankees jersey into the Red Sox locker room to serve the papers! Tom introduced himself to Erik as a Yankees fan, then served the papers. Erik gave up four runs, didn't make it through the third inning, and the Red Sox lost by a score of 5-to-7.

(NY Post)

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