Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eric Church Kicked Out A Bone-Headed Security Guard At One Of His Shows

Looks like KEITH URBAN'S zero tolerance toward security guards harassing fans has rubbed off on ERIC CHURCH. Eric kicked out a thick-headed guard who went over the top on an innocent fan. It happened last month at Eric's show in Aberdeen, Washington, when a female fan approached the stage wanting him to sign her boot. Eric explains, quote, "She wasn't hurting anything. "She threw me her boot and the security guard tried to manhandle her. I got real irritated. I stopped singing, but the band kept playing (so) I couldn't get his attention." Eric tried THROWING the boot AT the guard in hopes he'd get the message, but the dude was clueless. Eric asked the woman to bring the boot up again, and that's when the guard went over the line. Eric says, quote, "She brought the boot to me and I'll be damned if he didn't try to kick her out again. By that time, I had lost it. So I stopped the show and had my guys kick the security guard out. The fans loved it. "I never had an encounter like that with a security guard. I wasn't sad when he was gone."

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