Monday, January 31, 2011

Dierks Bentley Will Be "Live Streaming" the Entire Recording Session of His Next Album

We've all seen artists "captured" in the studio recording a song or album. It's usually a video stuffed into a DVD or TV show that's supposed to make you feel like you're getting a behind-the-scenes look. But you're not. It's stuff they've edited and sweetened up to make it watchable. Well, DIERKS BENTLEY is going to let you see the REAL DEAL. He installed video cameras in his recording studio that will run nonstop as he records his next album. Starting Sunday, you can watch those sessions streaming live on his website. Dierks explains, quote, "I thought it would be cool to let the fans be part of the whole experience, so we're going to let them watch as it all goes down." It probably will be cool . . . and tiresome. Dierks says he has "hundreds" of songs he's bringing in for the sessions. I doubt he'll record them all but he wouldn't mention it if he wasn't going to at least bust them out to see how they sound. If all goes as planned, Dierks expects to release the first single from those sessions sometime in the spring. And then the album will drop soon after.

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