Friday, August 17, 2012

Josh Turner Shares Powerful Fan Story About His Latest Hit "Time Is Love"

Josh Turner's latest hit, "Time Is Love," really hit home with one of his fans in Texas.  A few months back, Josh met a woman in a wheelchair at his concert in San Antonio who was the first fan to tell him how "Time Is Love" touched her life.  Her husband had taken ill and was admitted to the hospital's I.C.U. Josh explains, "She was only allowed to see him for 15 minutes a day.  So, every time she would go in, she would make sure she was there on time, and that she would stay until they kicked her out." Like Josh sings in the song, the woman would tell her husband "Gotta run" when it came time to go. "One day driving home she heard 'Time Is Love' come on the radio, and she just broke down crying," Josh says. "She said, 'This is our story, you know. This is our story because for us time is love. You know, I only have this 15 minutes a day.'"
Josh is always amazed to hear how his songs affect fans' lives in ways he'd never imagined. Says Josh, "You hear a fan come along with a completely different perspective that just makes you realize time and time again the power of music and how it can relate to people in their own peculiar way and their own specific situation."

"Time Is Love" is the lead single from Josh's new album, Punching Bag, now in stores.

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