Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just In Time For Football Season! The Three Worst Football Tattoos!

College football starts tomorrow night. Just in time for the season, we gathered the TOP 3 of the WORST football tattoos EVER for your amusement!

The Steelers, prison-style.  It's amazing this tattoo was done by a professional.  It's a horrible, asymmetrical, disastrous rendering of the Pittsburgh Steelers logo.  And "Steelers" looks like it was misspelled.

Centaur TIM TEBOW.  For some reason, a guy got a tattoo of Tim Tebow's head and torso on a horse's body.  Just to make it worse, Tebow is wearing a Denver Broncos helmet . . . and now he's on the New York Jets.

The Texans as Super Bowl champs. Some guy got the Houston Texans logo on his leg, along with the slogan "Super Bowl XLVI Champions." The only problem is, they weren't. The New York Giants won.  The Texans lost in the second round of the playoffs.

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