Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eric Church Films "Creepin'" Video, Gets Springsteen's Approval on "Springsteen.

Eric Church recently shot the video for his new single, "Creepin'," and he describes it as the most "out there" video he's ever done. Eric got to take on a part other than himself in the clip too. He said, "We got to actually wear some different clothes and do something kind of unique and cool for us, which we've never done. So, can't wait for people to see it." Eric says the "Creepin'" video should be out soon.

As for his most recent #1, "Springsteen," Eric has learned that Bruce Springsteen himself is a fan of the song.  He heard through Bruce's management staff that Bruce heard "Springsteen" and loved it.
When asked how that reaction made him feel, Eric says, "Aw hell, it made me feel incredible. I'm such a huge fan." While Eric's song inspired by Springsteen spent two weeks at #1 on the country chart earlier this year, Eric points out that Bruce recently released a new, hit album, Wrecking Ball, and is still packing stadiums at age 62. "I mean, to be that age and have all that going on, that has to be kind of cool," Eric says. "You know, it would be for me."

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