Monday, August 20, 2012

Eric Church Connects With His Fans . . . By Screaming at Them!

If you're planning to catch an ERIC CHURCH show, I have some advice: Pay attention! Eric HATES it when audience members aren't giving him as much as he thinks they should. He says, quote, "I'll focus on a couple people in the crowd that I think have a whole lot more left to give and I'll look directly at 'em and scream at 'em and yell at 'em. I love that . . . it's a little bit like boxing. I antagonize the crowd. I do."
Eric wants everyone involved . . . even if it means his fans end up screaming back at him. He says, quote, "I enjoy kind of prowling the stage out there and kind of going at the crowd and inviting them to come back at me." By the way, this isn't some new thing Eric is doing because he's a big star who can hide behind his security lugheads. He says, quote, "It's been that way since the clubs and bars when people didn't listen to us and I DID have to go out there and yell at 'em and scream at 'em."

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