Monday, April 18, 2011

Whose Tweet Is This?

I actually witnessed this exchange myself!

It's time to play, 'Whose Tweet is This?' We'll give you the Tweet, you tell us who wrote it on their Twitter page. "Wow . . . I'd like to thank all the followers who've supported me over the years, haters, PETA and of course Twitter . . . She finally answered!!!!" The Tweet belongs to . . . BLAKE SHELTON. He posted it on Saturday. But the "she" he is referring to is NOT his fiancée MIRANDA LAMBERT.
No, Blake was all dognuts because ZOOEY DESCHANEL, from the movie "Your Highness", responded to one of his Tweets. It all started when Blake re-Tweeted one of Zooey's posts. And then she Tweeted that it was indeed her. That's when Blake got all excited. By the way, Miranda Lambert did NOT sit by quietly and let this borderline flirting go unanswered. She took to Twitter to "thank" Zooey. Miranda wrote, "Thank you @therealzooeyd for answering my financy, @blakeshelton's tweet. Maybe now he'll obsess over something else:) luv @Miranda_lambert."
I saw this happen and thought..."I hope that there's a BIG Dog House at Blakes house"

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