Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jennifer Nettles Understands That She Can't Please Everyone.

If SUGARLAND'S "Incredible Machine" album is a little too strange for your country tastes, well, that's okay with JENNIFER NETTLES. She knows she can't please everyone. She says, quote, "I definitely don't make my decisions based on the fact that some people aren't going to like something. You have to have something that people don't like every now and then or else you're living too safely." And if you've seen Sugarland in concert then you know Jennifer makes no apologies there either. They're pretty famous for covering other artists, like R.E.M. or CEE-LO GREEN. Jennifer explains, quote, "I love singing all kinds of music and I have a bit of musical ADD. "I like to play around with different textures and colors and parts of my instrument. I have a lot of different musical influences. As long as you're being yourself, the fans learn to respect it and trust it."

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