Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Final U.S. Army Draftee Has Finally Retired

The U.S. military hasn't held a draft since the Vietnam War. But, believe it or not, until last week there was one draftee who was still serving. He's 58-year-old Command Sergeant Major Jeff Mellinger. He was drafted in 1972, during Vietnam, and was sent to an Army office in Germany. He liked working for the Army. So, he's been there ever since. And he hasn't just been behind a desk. He was recruited into the Army Rangers and did more than 3,700 parachute jumps. He even served in Iraq a few years ago, and survived 27 roadside bombings. Finally, last week, he retired after 39 years. That means there's not a single person who was drafted still serving in the military. Mellinger had been serving at Fort Belvoir in Virginia, working for the Army Material Command. His job was to encourage female troops to try out for Special Forces assignments.

(Yahoo News)

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