Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pat Green Understands Why Record Company Suits Are So Annoying.

There's no shortage of stories about artists going to battle with their record company. And then there's PAT GREEN, who actually understands that it's all business and the suits are simply trying to protect their investment. Pat tells, quote, "It's difficult to make music for a large company because they are spending millions to make you famous. "My humble opinion is that if someone is going to spend millions of dollars to make me money, then I'm going to listen to their opinion. You know, like it or not, I'm going to listen to it." It helps that Pat started selling tons of records once he signed with a major label. He explains, quote, "I experienced a great deal of success (in Nashville). "I totally understand why there are numerous people who come out of record labels and feel like they got spit out. At the same time there are a lot stories like mine where we had some huge hits." Pat and his buddy CODY MORROW are recording a follow-up to their album "Songs We Wish We'd Written". He's also working on a solo record that will be out on a "larger indie label". No word on a release date for either album.

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