Monday, August 22, 2011

If You "Friend" Ronnie Dunn, Don't Be Surprised To Hear Back From Him!

Part of my job is to pour through the social media and see what the country artists are saying and doing. And I have to admit, although almost everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, plenty of them aren't paying any attention to their fans. Not RONNIE DUNN. Not only does Ronnie actively manage his own page, he'll even chat with people who "friend" him. He says, quote, "I've been into (Facebook) from day one. I'm a freak about that stuff. I love where it's all headed. "I enjoy the whole process. I enjoy the back and forth. I'll go on a few minutes a night, sitting watching TV at the house or rolling on the bus late at night talking to people back and forth. I love it."

You Can "LIKE" Ronnie Here!

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