Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: History

History..specifically Auto history, because really is there any other kind of history??? I saw an on-line ad for a ’57 Chevy, talked to the guy who said it needed abit of work, I made an appointment to see it. With check in hand, I rush over to see it. But when I got trhere, the check went right back into my pocket. I knew right away it WAS NOT a '57 Chevy. What was wrong with it?

a. It had huge tail fins
b. It had 3 speed shift on the column, otherwise known as 3 on a tree
c. It had 4 headlights

The correct answer is "C". The 1957 Chevy had only 2 headlights. Congratulations to Hope in Pleasant Valley for knowing the correct answer! There's just one more round of Jack Doesn't Know Jack tomorrow at 6:50. Then be sure to listen at 7:50 to see who won the Grand Prize, a $100 gift card to Staples!

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