Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jason Aldean Believes The Best Years Of Our Lives Happen in High School.

If you've caught JASON ALDEAN on tour this summer then you probably saw him perform his new song, "Tattoos On This Town". It's about the mark you leave on your hometown and the lasting impression that town leaves on you. According to Jason, most of that influence occurs during your high school years. He says, quote, "People don't realize in high school that those are some of the best times that you're ever gonna have. "You don't realize it at the time, and the next phase comes along, and you get married and have kids and transition from teen to adult. But you always look back on those teenage years [and] you talk about them. "When I get around my friends, we talk about, 'Remember when we did this?' "You just don't worry about any consequences when you're a teenager, but at some point, you get smart and realize, 'I can't do those things anymore, but it was fun when I did it.'"

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