Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Luke Bryan is "Frightened" That His Sons May Never Experience Farm Life.

LUKE BRYAN grew up on a farm in Georgia working his little tail off. And he doesn't regret one minute of it. In fact, he lives in fear that his children will NEVER experience that kind of kickass farm work. Luke tells the "Tennessean", quote, "When I was a kid, my pawpaw'd come pick me up and we'd go pick peas until you couldn't stay out there in the heat no more and then we'd go to the shellin' plant. It was the quintessential country lifestyle. "I look at my boys and it frightens me to know that they could potentially not ever sit in a pea patch with their pawpaw and do that kind of stuff." Luke has two sons, Bo is three years old and Tate turns one on Thursday. When they hit 8 or 9 years old, they'll start spending summers on a farm Luke owns in Georgia. He says, quote, "I gotta have a place to take 'em and camp. "It frightens me to not have that imagery in their brains. I had the option to start there and arrive here. I understand the subway system in New York City because I go there about three times a year for stuff. "And I know where I'm at when I'm in Los Angeles. But, I know where I'm at in Lee County, too. It scares me that their base will never be that."

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