Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An NFL Legend is Reunited With His Championship Ring . . . That was Stolen Over 30 Years Ago!

ART DONOVAN is an NFL hall-of-famer who played defensive tackle for the Baltimore Colts when they won back-to-back NFL World Championships. That was the era before the Super Bowl in 1958 and 1959. That 1958 game is sometimes called the "Greatest Game Ever Played". The Colts beat the New York Giants in sudden death, 23-to-17, at Yankee Stadium. Back in 1977, Donovan was on a trip to Japan and his championship ring from that 1958 game was STOLEN. In the past 34 years, Donovan basically conceded that the ring was gone for good. Then, earlier this month, police in Baltimore got a tip that Donovan's ring had surfaced. It was clearly Donovan's because it had his name and his jersey number, 70, engraved on it. It was being sold on Craigslist for $20,000. The police posed as buyers. As soon as they had the ring in hand, they told the seller it was stolen. He told them he'd purchased it from a memorabilia dealer several years ago and had no idea it was stolen and agreed to give it back to Donovan. No criminal charges will be filed. So now, at age 86, Art Donovan was reunited with his first championship ring.

(Fox Sports)

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