Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alan Jackson is a Huge Fan of Taylor Swift's Songwriting.

TAYLOR SWIFT gets her share of props, but I'm willing to bet this is one of her all-time favorites. It's from ALAN JACKSON, at his induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame on Sunday.(--GARTH BROOKS was also inducted as were songwriters John Bettis, Thom Schuyler and Allen Shamblin.) "Country Weekly" caught up with Alan backstage. He told them, quote, "I've been a fan of hers. That first song of hers came out, 'Teardrops On My Guitar', I didn't know who she was, I never seen her, heard her. "I just heard that song on the radio, and I thought, 'You know what, that's a well-written song, and whoever that is, I love the record. She's gonna do something.' "I knew it then. I could just tell. It's a song written from some experience." (--For the record, "Teardrops" was Taylor's second single. It came out in 2007. "Tim McGraw" dropped a year earlier, in 2006.)

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