Monday, October 3, 2011

Are Girls in Japan Getting Cosmetic Dental Surgery to Make Their Teeth Crooked?

Before writing another check to your kid's orthodontist, you might want to consider moving to Japan. Young girls are rushing to dental salons in Tokyo to sign up for a cosmetic procedure called yaeba . . . which gives them crooked teeth! Yaeba means "double tooth" in Japanese(Yup...needed to look that one up!). The procedure pushes a girl's canine teeth forward, giving her a slight vampire-fang effect. The idea is to make the girl look more like a cat. A lot of times, yaeba also lengthens and sharpens the two teeth to make her look even more feline. As a result, girls have two teeth sticking out of the corners of their mouth when they smile. Many female Japanese celebrities have gotten yaeba, and the procedure has grown in popularity in recent years. Now, girls who can't afford the full yaeba can get fake adhesive teeth stuck on top of their real canine teeth to get crooked fang teeth without costly surgery.

What is this world coming to???

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  1. japanese always and forever = sickos