Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Battlefield 3" is Out Today . . . How is it Different From "Call of Duty"?

"Battlefield 3" (M) on Xbox360, PS3, and the PC. The latest game in the "Battlefield" franchise is a little different from the "Bad Company" games. For starters, you can go prone. This game also reintroduces JETS to the vehicle list. And suppressive fire now has the effect of blurring vision and reducing the other guy's accuracy. So how does "Battlefield" differ from the "Call of Duty" games? The size of the maps is one big difference. "CoD" maps are small because they are geared toward 6-man squads, meanwhile "Battlefield" has enormous multiplayer maps that, on the PC version, can handle up to 64 players! With this one you also get destructible environments, meaning you can blow holes in a wall to make your own door. And then there are the vehicles. "Battlefield" lets you drive tanks and jeeps, or fly the helicopters and jets. You also have the option to choose between multiple spawn points. Come back from your last death by either spawning at your base, or on the front line by selecting any member of your squad. By the way, this game launches a new social feature called "Battlelog" with built-in text messaging, which lets you view game statistics, form platoons with your friends, comment on each other's stats, and access all of it from your mobile device. PC users can also use Battlelog to launch the game and join friends who are already playing.

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