Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Miranda Lambert Said No to the Airport Body Scanner . . . And Yes to the Pat-Down.

The TSA doesn't care how famous, or sexy, a person is. For example, when MIRANDA LAMBERT refused to submit to the airport scanner, they went with plan B, the pat-down. And it made Miranda mad. Later, after she settled into her seat, she voiced her opinion. She Tweeted, quote, "Dear Airports. You suck." That got sympathy from her followers. Someone wrote back, quote, "Yes airports stink; especially when somebody sees us naked in those machines." And then Miranda Tweeted, quote, "I refused it and got the pat down. Ew." Miranda probably realized the irony in this whole exchange. How can you hate airports when your current single is called "Baggage Claim" and it's doing very well. After she landed and went to get her luggage, she brought it up. She Tweeted, quote, "About to head to the guess what . . . ??? (hint; it's a top 5 song on as we speak:)"

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