Friday, October 7, 2011

Will Ronnie Dunn Ignore The Grand Ole Opry's Demand That He Play "Old Hits" At His Performance On Saturday?

RONNIE DUNN is setting himself up for a showdown with the Grand Ole Opry this weekend. It started on Monday when he threw down the gauntlet with a post on his Facebook page. He wrote, quote, "I'm singing on the Opry Saturday Night. Someone called a few days ago and informed me that they prefer past radio 'hits'. "I'm having a hard time playing by 'the rules', these days. I really am! In fact, I'm over it. Think I'll sing what I feel like singing, they can spank me and send me home." Close to 700 fans offered their support and several hundred of those commented on his post. And then Ronnie added his own comment, taking it one step further. He wrote, quote, "This is amazing to me . . . I've received MORE comments from this post than anything I've ever said. What's good to hear is that YOU, (THE FANS) are passionate about following your hearts and people that do. "I've NEEDED to hear this for a very long time!!! Don't let me blow this!! I don't get another chance." Ronnie's "rules breaking performance" will be part of the Opry's 86th Birthday Bash Weekend. Other acts on Saturday's show include RASCAL FLATTS, CRAIG MORGAN and CHARLEY PRIDE.

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