Monday, November 7, 2011

Billy Currington is Being Stalked . . . By The Guy Next Door

This is right out of a movie . . . except it's for real. BILLY CURRINGTON'S neighbor has been SPYING on him with a telescope and binoculars for six months. And get this: Billy found out when the creep actually told him, and was proud of it. Billy laid out the story in a series of Twitter posts. First he Tweeted, quote, "Just found out this guy has been watchin' me thru a telescope and binoculars from his house for six months. So creepy." And then this Tweet, quote, "I know this 'cause he knocked on my back door and told me this and that he knows when I come and go and says he wants to take me fishin'." Followed by this one, quote, "He says, 'Hey man, u can come to my house anytime u want to' and I say, 'Hey bro, wtf?' He [says he's] got three boats and 'I reallyyy wanna take you fishing'." Plus this, quote, "I say, 'Hey man u writin a book on me how u know all this stuff bout me?' He said, 'I got these great pair of binoculars!'" And this, quote, "He said, 'u see that house over there, bro? The one that's all lit up? That's mine, man! I see you over here every day!'" THATS too creepy. Just sayin'. - Hammer

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