Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day: A Day Of Celebration and Rememberance...

Today is a day to reflect, on the men and woman who have each shown their love for our country and family by serving in our military. We hug and hold our service men and woman that have returned safely home to us. We remember those who are gone. It is with a tear in my eye that I type this today. I come from a military family, most of whom are gone. But all served and served proudly. To my family that defended and held postions on Omaha Beach and on the shores of Italy during WWII, I salute you. To my family that served in Korea keeping the DMZ secure, I salute you. To my father, who served in Vietnam. I am so proud to call you dad. I miss & love you and mom very much. I hope that I served with as much honor and courage as all of you. To all of my friends that are currently serving, I love you all. Stay safe. To families that have their members serving in our armed forces, all of our hearts are with you. No matter how tough times get, just know are never alone. You have respect, support and love from all of us. Thank you for your strength and THANK YOU to your family members for keeping us safe and free. God Bless our Armed Forces and God Bless America.


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