Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hank Williams Jr. Walked Off The Stage at CMT's "Artist of the Year" Taping.

Regardless of how you feel about HANK WILLIAMS JR., the man is never boring. His latest bit of chaos happened at the taping of CMT's "Artists of the Year" on Tuesday. Hank abruptly walked off the stage while performing "Tattoos On This Town" with JASON ALDEAN. He wasn't mad at Jason or anything. His reps claim Hank just didn't feel he was doing the song justice. Sadly, the walk-off will not be seen when the show airs on December 13th. Jason simply redid the song on his own with his band.

**Personal Opinion Here***
I would think when an artist asks you to join them on stage (as seen in pic above), you would consider it an honor and see it through. I think it was disrepectful of Hank to walk off. Jason Aldean is a VERY talented person. I think Jason knew what he was doing when he asked Hank to sit in. I think if Jason thought it wasn't going well, he would of said something. It shouldn't be Hanks decision. Small slap in the face to Aldean. But, Jason is a tough guy. I think his skin is much thicker than that.


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