Tuesday, December 6, 2011

John Rich Was Kicked Off a Southwest Flight For Being Drunk and Belligerent.

JOHN RICH was booted off a Southwest Airlines flight out of Las Vegas Sunday morning for being quote, "not fit to travel." Here's what I know: John did a show Saturday night at the Eastside Cannery Resort and Hotel in Vegas. The next morning, he had a 10:50 A.M. flight back home to Nashville. Supposedly he appeared drunk as he was boarding the plane, and got into an argument with another passenger. And according to witnesses, he continued to exhibit drunken behavior once he was seated in the cabin. Airline officials decided it was a problem, so they escorted him off the flight. A rep for Southwest told TMZ, quote, "Our crew assessed the situation and determined that the passenger was not fit for travel under governing federal aviation regulations.
"The customer was rebooked on a later flight, but chose to make alternative travel arrangements. We have processed a refund for the customer and his travel companion." John's spokesman released a statement denying he fought with another passenger . . . but it did leave the door open for other interpretations. Quote: "Did John Rich have a great time with his fans in Vegas? Yes. Was there an altercation? Absolutely not."

Hey...John was havin' himself a "Big & Rich Time"!

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