Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carrie Underwood Saved the Life of a Dog...

First, let me say that it breaks my heart to have to report a story like this but, to report that a person has a heart of gold, it totally worth reading on...
CARRIE UNDERWOOD may be a big star, but she's not above jumping out of her car to save a stray dog's life. It happened over the holidays when she was on her way back to Nashville after visiting her family. Carrie spotted two Labrador puppies on the side of the road. Sadly, only one was still alive and according to the emergency vet, it was most likely THROWN from a moving vehicle. (--I believe there's a place in hell for people who treat living creatures like that. But I Digress.) After the puppy was treated, Carrie brought it home and named it Stella. She also talked some neighbors into adopting it.(--Carrie didn't keep the pup because she already has two dogs, plus Stella needs full-time attention right now.)

There is not enough to be said for that of kindness. Animals and young children are the embodiment of innocence and do not deserve such treatment. I just find it mind boggling how people can be so mean and uncaring. Thank God for people like Carrie and all the people defending the innocents everywhere.


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