Friday, January 6, 2012

Did Jake Owen Party So Hard That He Broke John Rich's Sink?

Thanks to Twitter, we know that JAKE OWEN went to a party at JOHN RICH'S house over the holidays. We also know that John thinks Jake busted up his sink while at the party and didn't own up to it. On Wednesday, John Tweeted, quote, "@jakeowen Dude! I fixed the sink you broke at the party here at the house I know you didn't mean it! Ha-haa! Come on back!" Jake responded with this denial, quote, "@johnrich ha-ha...That thing was broken already. That's what you get for that high tech fancy (crap)." John tagged that with this response, quote, "High tech faucet??? Ha-ha!"

Have you ever broken anything at someones house and didn't say anything about it? LOL!

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