Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Former Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell Accused Dierks Bentley of Ripping Off One of His Songs.

Former DRIVE-BY TRUCKER JASON ISBELL is absolutely convinced that DIERKS BENTLEY'S song "Home" plagiarizes his masterpiece, "In A Razor Town". And Jason may be taking legal action to prove his point. More on that later.
It all started on Friday when Jason wrote on his Twitter page, Quote, "Dierks' has officially ripped off my song 'In A Razor Town'. Dierks is a D-bag." Jason added, quote, "The song of Dierks' is called 'Home'." If Dierks did plagiarize the song, he had help. He co-wrote it with songwriters Dan Wilson and Brett Beavers. (--Wilson co-wrote ADELE'S "Someone Like You". He's also written for the DIXIE CHICKS and KEITH URBAN, to name a few.) And even though Jason knows about the co-writers, he still blames Dierks. He Tweeted, quote, "I love @DanWilsonMusic's songwriting, but I bet he's never heard my song. I bet Dierks brought that idea to the table and Dan ran with it. I have had too much stolen lately. Not gonna let this slide." A Twitter war broke out once Dierks jumped into the mix. On Saturday he Tweeted, quote, "@jasonisbel is that what you 'bet' happened? That's how you imagine it? #fantasyworld #get-over-yourself." To prove his point, Dierks' next Tweet included a link to an interview Dan Wilson did with ASCAP where he talks about the writing session for "Home". Wilson said the "verse melody" was "mostly Brett" and that Brett said the song "fell from the sky." Then Dierks took it up a notch by slamming Jason with this Tweet, quote, "JUST IN: 'Nashville and L.A. songwriters running out of ideas . . . rushing to steal Jason's songs!'" This is where Jason must have contacted his overpriced attorneys, because on Saturday he Tweeted, quote, "I officially 'can't talk about it right now.' We'll see what pans out."

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