Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fran Drescher Abducted by Aliens, Has Scar to Prove It!

Former Nanny star Fran Drescher is sure that aliens exist -- because she's seen them! In an interview with The Huffington Post, Drescher says before she met her now-ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, they both spotted aliens once, while in a car with their respective dads. She says, "We were both in junior high. A few years later, we met, and we realized that we had the same experience. I think that somehow we were programmed to meet. We both have this scar. It's the exact same scar on the exact same spot." Though Jacobson now says Drescher's scar stems from an injury unrelated to an alien invasion, she insists, "I said to him, that's what the aliens programmed us to think." Drescher currently stars in the TV Land comedy Happily Divorced. Gee...Great title. Alien hands at work? Could be...

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