Monday, March 19, 2012

Alan Jackson's Wife Denise Has Clean Bill of Health Following Cancer Battle.

Alan Jackson's wife Denise battled cancer about a year ago, but she's got a clean bill of health now. Denise still has to go in for regular checkups, but Alan says, "She's probably more healthy than she's ever been now 'cause she's really watching what she eats and does." Denise is making sure Alan benefits from her new focus on staying healthy. He says with a laugh, "Now she's wearing me out." Facing Denise's cancer diagnosis was really rough on Alan though. Of course, he dealt with it through music, and a song he wrote about the experience may end up on his next album. He says, "I don't imagine it's anything for commercial release or anything, but there's a lot of emotion in that song." Alan isn't the only writer in the family though. Denise has penned two bestselling books about her faith, and her recent battle with cancer may inspire a third one. "She drew from her faith to help her get through that, and I think she feels strongly about trying to do something with that eventually," Alan explains.
Alan's new album is due out later this year featuring his brand-new single, "So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore."

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