Friday, April 6, 2012

An Elementary School in Massachusetts Tried to Take the Word "God" Out of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA!

I think we can all agree that LEE GREENWOOD'S song "God Bless the USA" is fine the way it is. Why did the geniuses at Stall Brook Elementary school in Bellingham, Massachusetts try to change it? Here's what happened: They wanted the kids to perform the song at a school concert on April 12th. But instead of singing the chorus, "God Bless the USA", the kids were told to sing, "We Love the USA". Some of the parents heard about it, and launched an email protest. So, the school decided to REMOVE the song from the program. But that didn't make anyone happy, so they hatched another plan. They issued a press release saying the kids would now sing two songs: One about the 50 states, and the other being "God Bless the USA". But the kids would "be allowed TO SING or NOT TO SING the actual words". (???) Naturally, Lee Greenwood found out about the insanity and he had a few choice words of his own to say. Lee said, quote, "Maybe the school should have asked the parents their thoughts before changing the lyrics to the song. They could have even asked the writer of the song. "I of course would have said 'you can't change the lyrics at all or any part of the song.' The most important word in the whole piece of music is the word God, which is also in the title 'God Bless the USA'. "The song is played at every naturalization ceremony behind the national anthem. If the song is good enough to be played and performed in its original setting under Those circumstances, it surely should be good enough for our children."

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