Friday, April 13, 2012

Toby Keith is Heading Out on His 10th Anniversary USO Tour!

TOBY KEITH is heading to the Middle East for another USO trip. And this one's a milestone. Toby explains quote, "We should surpass 200 shows, 10 years, our tenth year anniversary. "The exact itinerary is always held back for safety reasons, but Toby has a good idea where he's going. He says quote, "We do a week in Afghanistan and then I think we do a week in Kuwait, Bahrain. "(And) we've started hitting aircraft carriers and doing a big show for 5,000 a night on the aircraft carrier and then flying helicopters off the battleships and doing little two-man shows during the day."

Thank you, Toby for all you do for our service men and women. You are a true patriot.

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