Monday, April 23, 2012

Why Miranda and Blake Won't Work Together Very Often.

We’ve heard Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert singing together on songs like “Home” and “Better in the Long Run,” from Miranda’s latest CD. But if you’re hoping for an entire album of duets, you might have to wait awhile. Miranda says the couple actually prefers to keep their collaborations few and far between. “We work pretty well together because we don’t do it often,” she believes. “I think that the key is we sort of pick and choose what we want to do together as artists because we don’t ever want the business to get in the way of our personal relationship.” She also thinks only working together every now and then helps keep their work together “special.” The two have already completed an entire CD together -- as producers. The two headed up Neal McCoy’s latest album, XII, which came out last month.

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