Thursday, May 24, 2012

And Now . . . Kenny Chesney's "Red Sock Theory"

KENNY CHESNEY is rich and famous and all that . . . but like every person on the planet, he gets "punched in the gut" by life once in a while. And when that does happen, Kenny remembers his "Red Sock Theory". I'll let him explain. He says, quote, "Imagine a dryer full of white socks . . . but there's one red one. The white socks are all the great things in life that come with what I do. The red one is the few things that make it uncomfortable and the things we go through to do what we do. "But you don't see that red sock every time. You might not see it for two minutes. It'll show up every now and then, and that's the way my life is. If you look at it as a whole dryer full of red socks then it's gonna consume you. And I used to look at it that way. But now I try to look at it as a bunch of white socks that represent a lot of great things and I've been very fortunate and that red sock shows up every now and then and punches me in the gut or disappoints me, whatever. "But I try not to let that red sock affect me that much."

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