Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jennifer Nettles Paid Her Dues By Touring with 15 Smelly Guys.

JENNIFER NETTLES' debut as a mentor and singing partner on "Duets" is this Thursday. So naturally, it's important she compare and contrast her dues-paying days to those of today's music competition performers. She says, quote, "When I came through the system, it was very much the dues pay. I ran up the roads in a 15-passenger van with five smelly guys, and schlepped my own gear, and played smoky bars before smoking bans and laws were around. "And I was really able to cut my teeth on the stage in that way, and considered it the best way. But, what I have seen over the years is, there is wonderful talent like KELLY CLARKSON and CARRIE UNDERWOOD, and like any in-route into the industry, the cream will rise to the top. "Those who have what it takes will make it, and those who don't, won't."

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